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작성일: 2020년 6월 3일



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작성일: 2014년 7월 14일
There are not many excellent coastal cities in China, and Qingdao is one of them. Qingdao, as a pearl on the coast of the Yellow Sea, is not only a fascinating seaside scenery, but also a famous national historical and cultural city. It has a large number of German buildings and national key cultural relics protection units. As the first excellent tourist city in China, Qingdao not only has Laoshan Scenic Spot and Qingdao Seaside Scenic Spot. There are also a large number of former residences of celebrities. Every summer, people from all over the country flock to Qingdao to travel, basically millions of people. I have long wanted to go to Qingdao, but I went to Qingdao to see people after July, so I chose a June day to go to Qingdao. There are many tourist attractions in Qingdao, Laoshan, Seabed World, Zhongshan Park and so on are very famous, but my favorite thing is to blow the sea breeze at the seaside and take a bath in the water. The Hotel I stayed in was not far from the seaside of Qingdao. After settling down, I went out of the hotel and went to the seaside to feel the sea breeze of Qingdao. Within five minutes, we arrived at the beach of Qingdao, a small square garden with various sculptures, old people playing chess, children playing, deep thinkers and interesting crabs. It's interesting to look at it carefully. It's cool on the beach, and you don't feel hot in your jacket. Continuing along the coast, you will find the famous Olympic Sailing Base, where the 2008 Olympic Sailing Competition took place. The large torch sculpture on the square has now become the symbol of Qingdao. From time to time, there are small merchants selling seaside products. This is a newly developed place. The business atmosphere is not very strong, and things are relatively cheap. I bought some shells and Pearl necklaces. Unfortunately, it's still a little cold to bathe in the sea this season, but later, dumplings will be laid in the bathroom, so good things can't be achieved at the same time. Even if you don't take a bath in the sea, you can relax and forget walking on the beach in this hot season by blowing the sea breeze. It's even better to eat seafood and drink beer at the seaside. But Qingdao's seaside is still relatively cool. It's better to take thick clothes at night!
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