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취안저우,추천 트립 모먼트
If you want to steal a moment of leisure from your busy life, then a lazy and fun weekend is the biggest reward for yourself. ADLIB is such a real "life" authentic restaurant, from early to late, from brunch to afternoon tea to dinner, the double feast of value and taste buds.

[Classic brunch platter] Want to eat a rich brunch, order the classic brunch platter right! Avocado, smoked squid, fragrant cheese, mixed grilled mushrooms, arugula, and a variety of flavors.
[Smoked squid appetizer cold dish] low temperature smoke, keep the squid itself delicious and elastic, with sour cucumber and celery broken, fresh and delicate.
[Carbon-seared sea bass with seasonal vegetables] The most suitable summer dish - the salt-baked sea bass maintains its own unique sweetness, and the firmness of the snow-white fish is hard to resist. Asparagus's refreshing and dried cherries and broccoli, low calorie and delicious.

[Spicy soft shell crab bag] will be replaced with the most popular soft shell crab from Taiwan's popular to the world's net red bag, fried crispy soft shell crab with Spicy mayonnaise, do not take the usual path, do not have a flavor.
[Cream Mushroom, Baked Egg Tart] A creamy juice made from a variety of mushrooms. It is rich in mellow taste and falls in love.
[Coconut pudding] The sourness of the berry and the sweetness of the mango, the crispy coconut flakes are superimposed, and the refreshing ice cream is needed in summer.

Coordinates: 1st Floor, Xintiandi Commercial Street, Zhonghang Zijin Plaza, No. 1801, Huandao East Road
Per capita: 150 yuan
취안저우,추천 트립 모먼트
Shanghai | A Raiders to play Nanjing East Road
Do you want to miss all the good scenery of the destination? Look at my strategy is right!
I divided Shanghai into more than a dozen areas, which is convenient for everyone to travel according to the area, all the places I introduce are unique scenery only in Shanghai.
This tour is to be introduced in the "Nanjing East Road"
1 Fuzhou Building: a very sensational building, not only the scenery inside the building, the road outside the scenery is not bad. From this dilapidated window, it is a prosperous Lujiazui, which has a very strong contrast. The road outside the Fuzhou Building is also a good place to shoot big movies. There are actually three identical buildings here!
2 Daimaru Department Store: That's right! It is the big pill standing in front of Daimaru. This mall has been built to be super cool, and it has a geometrical aesthetic that looks up to the top.
3Paper Building (398 Ningbo Road): This building, which looks like a thin piece of paper because of poor vision, has become the newest place in Shanghai.
4Lego flagship store: Located on the first floor of Bailian World Trade Plaza at the beginning of Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street, the 2-storey LEGO Nanjing East Road flagship store has many unique elements, such as this two-storey building with Lego The Oriental Pearl Tower, the Chinese Red Dragon made with Lego...
5NIKE Shanghai 001 The first global concept store: Also located in Bailian World Trade. Its cool to look at the decor, the four-storey NIKE is not only super style There are many limited editions that can't be bought in many places, and you can also customize your own shoes.
6M&M Chocolate Bean Flagship Store: The only flagship store in Asia at Bailian World Trade Center, not only has the super beautiful chocolate bean rainbow wall, There are also various peripherals such as mugs, pajamas, slippers... You can also DIY your own M image.
7: Recommend another store in Bailian World Trade L3, Bailian World Trade is really good after the renovation Too much is a paradise for stationery, hand buddies and ultimate obsessive-compulsive disorder patients. Here, a wall of sticky notes, various colors and various patterns, as a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder, I have seen it. Comfortable died .
8 Ghibli Republic: Raffles City is located in B1, do not go to Japan, you can buy Hayao Miyazaki official photo with the surrounding can also store large Totoro Oh!
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