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트립 모먼트

취안저우,추천 트립 모먼트
홍애동 상업가(훙야둥상예제)
Chongqing hot pot Hongyadong, Jiefangbei most worthy of punching hot pot

to Chongqing to play, the whole local friends arranged, also took me to eat a lot of hot pot, but as a foreigner Hongyadong, Jiefangbei is a must Punch place, the 2 hot pots near here, my friend strongly Amway gave me, the pro test taste is also very nice, share it to everyone~

1st home: boiled youth hot pot restaurant
In the Jiujiuxiang alley next to Hongya Cave, you can see from the back door that you can find stalls in the alleys. Selling fruits and selling vegetables, there are also uncles playing cards at the door, especially in Chongqing. It is such a scene that I know that it is right. The
shop is decorated in the 70s and 80s. It is quite distinctive. The old TV, the radio, and the posters of the stars of the 70s and 80s feel like they are crossing.
The bottom of the pot is a thick old Chongqing taste. It looks very spicy and delicious. The dishes in the store are quite unique. The beauty of the cows and the scent of the goose intestines The spicy beef is delicious. However, I would like to recommend the ice powder of their family, free to eat unlimited, and the taste is really good ~
focus: the environment has characteristics, the dishes do not step on the thunder, especially the old Chongqing taste!

2: Dongzi Li Maodu hot pot
This hot pot is not far from Jiefangbei, friends came to me to go east and west to find, and a younger sister in the store They are super passionate.
This is also a hot pot restaurant I want to blow up, it is so delicious! The hairy belly is super crisp and tender, the boss said, "The hair is not crisp, the boss is back," hhh is really delicious. In addition to the hairy belly, I think the lo mei taste of their home is also a major feature. The brined sausage, the braised duck blood, and the dried bean curd are all delicious. There is also a certain point of shrimp slippery, relatively tender and smooth, and the taste is very good.
Service is also very intimate, basically it is responsive, there are people who give you a hand sanitizer on the toilet, toilet perfume is a small daisy, mouthwash is Li Shi Delin, I am a big boy, I feel really super special ~
Name: Boiled Youth Hot Pot Restaurant
Address: No. 114 Minzu Road, Yuzhong District (Peace Building Parking Lot)
Per capita: 70 -90 yuan / person

shop name: Dongzi Li Mao belly hot pot
Address: Jiefangbei Datong Road 66
per capita: 80-100 yuan / person

The two hot pot restaurants that I think are good in taste and environment, I recommend it to everyone, I hope everyone can have fun in Chongqing~
취안저우,추천 트립 모먼트
닝샤 야시장
Nancy. Tao
취안저우,추천 트립 모먼트
취안저우,추천 트립 모먼트
Can be a bit of Ningbo cuisine - Nantang Old Street, the first Tangren restaurant food exploration
Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai shipping area not only economically geographically, but also a lot of similarities in the diet, this time came to Nantang Old Street in Ningbo According to a certain evaluation, I came to the Tangren Restaurant. Of course, it is better to say that according to a certain rating, it is better to say that when I was hungry, I just looked up and saw this restaurant. I checked the ranking very high, the antique Chinese style, given The feeling of tranquility~
lazy people just order the thumb of the menu. Figure 3: The city roasting dish is all a non-appetizing side dish. To be honest, my daily knowledge tells me that the vegetarian dish should be the maximum. Restore its own color and taste, avoid excessive processing, and this grilled dish is very soft and dark yellow, a bit like pickles but no salty taste of pickles, it is the most unpalatable special dish ~ ~ Figure 4 Ningbo The oldest three, it is said that Ningbo Sansan started in the Southern Song Dynasty, and was named by the Song Gaozong. The history is more than 800 years. It brings together a variety of savory extracts such as shrimp, meatballs, quail eggs, and bean husks. Figure 5: Coral yellow croaker, Ningbo name Wrap the yellow croaker with thin bean skin and fry the stuffing. The outer skin is golden and crisp. The filling is fresh and tender. Basically, you can see every table. Figure 6 can't remember the name. It is some kind of crab fried rice cake. The taste is sweet and sour. It is a staple food, and the crab is a whole crab. It is also a very conscience. It is also a staple food. It is enough to use rice cake as a staple food for four people. The per capita is 65. It is very satisfying in some people's attractions.
취안저우,추천 트립 모먼트
리징먼 관광지
취안저우,추천 트립 모먼트
취안저우,추천 트립 모먼트
The authentic Beijing cuisine of Jinan

good friends have not seen for a long time, decided to have a meal, we are in the Yihe Yayuan Roast Duck Restaurant in Vientiane City, the new store is super looking forward. This roast duck restaurant is decorated with a special novelty, full of fresh blue, blue lights and blue bird cage white magnolia.

Roast duck is baked in the hanging stove, we have a whole, it is really a roast duck new way! I saw that the master made the duck slices into three sets. The first one was the duck skin to eat with jumping sugar and blueberry sauce. It was called the roast duck that danced, the second dish was mustard sauce, and the third dish had meat. The skin is traditionally eaten. Roast duck is very tasty and will never be an option for thunder. After the duck bones made a duck soup and a salt and pepper duck rack, the duck soup is particularly delicious, there are corn and carrots inside, the soup is rich, the duck rack is generally a bit oily, and the salt and pepper taste is not strong.

About the dishes in the store, every dish is very exquisite, the traditional old Beijing dishes have made a little new improvement, the old Beijing snacks are exquisite, long time no red bean cake pea yellow The mouth is delicate and the entrance is instant. After the mustard duck claws are improved, it is not spicy at all. In fact, some spicy foods will be better.

hot dish, the favorite Beijing sauce pork with small cake, grandma dish fried Yuanxiao, a bite yuan is black sesame stuffing, the meat cage is our childhood taste, the straw inserted above There is vinegar inside, and it is interesting to pour it into the meat cage. Kung Pao prawn, the size of this shrimp is too big to eat one, the pine nuts are delicious, and remind me of my childhood.

Friends are here for the first time to eat here. Everyone said that it is not bad. It is exquisite and decent. It is especially suitable for family and friends to have dinner at the festival, but it is a bit greasy after eating. Watermelon juice kiwi juice is greasy.
I am Ann An
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