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추천 트립 모먼트
추천 트립 모먼트
칭하이,추천 트립 모먼트
We drive by car most of the day, because the destination is almost 4 hours a day, and it takes eight hours to go back and forth, so we bought a lot of food and drink in the car, all the way. When you see the scenery along the way, get off and shoot. There are two hillsides on the national road of 315. There are many tourists taking photos, red-brown deserts and roads, standing in the middle of the road, it is really beautiful. Its just that when I shoot, its easy to get in the car, and its downhill. Big trucks cant stop, so the photos here are beautiful, but they are also very dangerous. I have to look back at any time to see if there are any trucks behind. Because we wanted to take the evening light, we slept late in the morning and didn't start so early. That is also destined to go back at night very late. When I arrived at Yadan on the water, it was half past four. We only had one and a half hours of shooting time, so we all wandered around and filmed. This is said to be the only water Yadan landform. As for the only one in China or the only one in the world, I dont know. These outstanding features stand in the water and are very spectacular. The climate here is dry and many geckos and other creatures can be seen on the ground. Qinghai has a large temperature difference. In the morning and evening, we have to wear short sleeves, sweaters and down jackets. The weather in Qinghai is also changing. Sometimes it is cloudless and sometimes cloudy. When we take pictures, we sometimes encounter bad light. Sometimes, suddenly a beam of light makes the picture look good.
칭하이,추천 트립 모먼트
From Delingha, more than 100 kilometers south, you can reach the golden sea of half of the desert. According to legend, when Genghis Khan led the soldiers through this place, the golden urn that was left was turned into a golden sea. There is also a legend that a pair of golden sheep came down from the yak mountain. Drinking water at the lake and taste the sweetness of the water, they would not return to the mountain and enter the lake. In the middle, it is said that the lake is a gold sea. The west side, the northwest side and the east side of the gold sea are surrounded by sand hills. The sand is so delicate, and the people can't help but barefoot, and they have more intimate contact. On the southeast side of the sea alone, there are tall reeds and nearly 100 meters of grass belts, attracting birds, cattle and sheep for food, play, and rest. There is no fish in the water until clear. Since the gold sea is made up of a sweet spring, the water is extremely clear, no fish are found in the shallow water, and some are small conch and small shells. In fact, there are fish in the depths of the sea. Archaeological Discovery The eastern side of the Gold Sea is a cultural accumulation layer of the Bronze Age. There are stoneware and Nomuhong culture sand-filled brown pottery fragments; it shows that the sea has a long history of formation. In the Gobi Desert, there is such a pool of sweet spring water that nourishes the surrounding herders and nourishes all the creatures on this land.
칭하이,추천 트립 모먼트
칭하이 호
Damei Qinghai self-driving route recommended! Qinghai--China's representative place Qinghai is separated from Sichuan by only one mountain, and Mianyang, but one thousand kilometers. There are mountains surrounded by blue waters, Qinghai Lake, and Lingshan Holy Water Cambra. Route 1: XiningMenyuanQilian smeared with a piece of green, and its golden color it is an energetic and vibrant romantic declaration . Under the deep blue sky of the plateau, the rich yellow flowers stretch for nearly 100 kilometers, like the golden sea. It shows the domineering of rapeseed flowers in the northern region under the blue sky, white clouds and snow-capped mountains... You can follow the 227 national road to the Russian Fort and then divide the road to the west to the big road, passing the imperial city grassland and the Aru grassland. . All the way from the source of the door, all the way is full of endless grassland and cattle and sheep, and then to the back, will feel the mountain suddenly increased, at first glance, a beautiful scenery in the mountains. A few kilometers along the mountain road is the Zall Mountain. You will see the mountains on both sides and the mountains in the distance. At this time, the eyes are not enough. The wheat fields, rape fields and Yadan landforms. The scenery of pine forests, snow mountains and grasslands surrounds you. Step by step, each angle is beautiful, and each angle is a perfect postcard. Route 2: Guide-Lajishan-Tal Temple took out Xining, driving south for several tens of kilometers to the foot of Lajishan. Not far from the hills, the five-color prayer flags fluttered in the wind, climbed up to take pictures, and later learned that Tibetans generally hang on the mountains, intersections, lakes or roofs to pray. It is said that the longer the connection between the warriors and the shackles, the higher the hang, the better the luck, which is why they choose the snow-capped mountains. When you reach the foot of the mountain, the right hand side is a compelling green, and the left hand side is a dazzling Danxia landform that is not pleasing in the grass in the afternoon sun. A crisscrossed, fine layered layer. The first time I saw the clear green green river, the trip was worth again. The statement that a basin of river water and half basin mud does not apply in Guide. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe that there would be such a clear and clear Yellow River water anyway. , the birthplace of Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. A row of eight treasures like the tower, the size of the Jinwa Temple, is an iconic building. The Ta'er Monastery has three musts: murals, piles of embroidered, butter flowers.
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