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First look at this route from the map, starting from Xining, going to Qinghai Lake, then going to Delingha to Dachaidan, on the edge of Qaidam, entering Dunhuang, taking the Hexi Corridor to Zhangye, leaving the most American road 227 from Zhangye, returning to Xining , is a complete loop, do not go back. Large Circulation Overview D1 Xining-Tal Temple-Sun Moon Mountain-Qinghai Lake-Hemama River D2 Black Horse River-Tekaka Salt Lake-Delingha-Krouk- D3 -Qinghai Yadan-Dangjinshan-Axe-Yangguan-Dunhuang D4 Dunhuang-Mogao Grottoes-Yuyaoquan Mingshashan-Dunhuang D5 Dunhuang-Jiayuguan - D6 -Qilian Prairie-Zhuoer Mountain-Qilian County (or: Zhangye-Biandukou-Qilian Prairie-Menyuan-Black Spring Reservoir-Xining) D7 Qilian - Arou Da Temple - Menyuan Rape Flower Sea - Daban Mountain - Black Spring Reservoir - Xining (return to Xining around 6 pm) 2700 km, the famous scenic spots along the way are Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Qaidam Basin, Mogao Grottoes, Yadan Devil City, Mingsha Mountain Crescent Springs, Jiayuguan, Zhangye Colorful Danxia, Horseshoe Temple, Zall Mountain Scenic Area, Qilian Mountain, Qilian Prairie, Menyuan Wanmu Flowers, covering the essence of Qinghai and Gansu. What method can I use to take this line? Personally think that the most reasonable way to take this route is to charter freely. why? Because the local drivers are more familiar with the route, there are locals driving around and it is easier to play. The road conditions in the northwest are still good, but there are more roads along the mountain and high-altitude roads.
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