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추천 트립 모먼트
치둥,추천 트립 모먼트
바이하이인사(벽해은사) <헝다하이상 베네치아 호텔(항대해상베네치아호텔)>
In the circle of friends, I saw a picture of the Venetian hotel on the sea, blue sky and blue sea, European castle, which is called a luxury, which makes people look bright. When they look at the place, they are only 1.5 hours away from Shanghai. I cant believe Shanghai. The surrounding sea is not yellow. After inquiring, I realized that Evergrande had spent 600 million to build a huge cofferdam on the East China Sea coast. The seawater in the cofferdam was filtered many times, and finally the original color of the sea was revealed. . Local, self-willed! I like it, and I immediately grow grass, and I am very excited to go to Evergrande with the ingot. The hotel is located on the north bank of Chongming Island in Shanghai, the estuary of the Yangtze River. It is on the southeast coast of the Fuxing Town, Qiyang Town, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province. It faces Shanghai across the river. It is only after the car enters that the hotel is located in a super large comprehensive tourist resort. Inside, next to many residential properties, resorts set hotel, conference, food, entertainment, sports, health and business in one, you think you are going to live in a hotel, only to find out that it came to a small town. Crystal chandelier in the guest room, solid wood furniture, European bed, printed carpet, it is easy to see that the decoration of the hotel room is a bit of blood, the color is also relatively elegant, although the local tyrant, but not at all, the hotel's bathroom is also bright The style, shower, bathtub and toilet are separated, just the carved marble on the wall, telling the truth, this decoration is really a test of the late cleaning.
치둥,추천 트립 모먼트
[Jiangsu] Wandering the back garden of Shanghai, the sea of Venice Hotel's Bihai Yinsha Henghai on the Venice Hotel "Bihai Silver Sand" have an opportunity, as long as the Shanghai self-driving 1.5 hours Escape from the dome and cross into another world - "North Shanghai Vacation Paradise." Hengda Hotel is located in Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, one of the earliest areas in eastern China to see the sunrise. Traffic Status Hengda The Venice Hotel is only 90 minutes drive from Shanghai, with convenient transportation. It is about 115 kilometers from Pudong Airport and 1.5 hours drive. It is about 130 kilometers from Hongqiao Airport and 2 hours drive. It feels great after coming in the lobby. Fortunately, there is a doorman entertaining when you enter the door, and take us to check in. There is also a concierge reception near the door, you can store your luggage. After the elevator came up to the guest room, you saw the elegant and soft carpet extending all the way to the depths of the corridor. The white walls look bright and clean, which is very different from the dim environment of the general business hotel. I stayed in the hotel's garden view double room, which is different from the warm colors of the hotel's public areas. The rooms are light blue and gray with beige and white. After entering the room, the whole person slowly calms down. Just want to take a break. Bathroom area is not large, but dry and wet separation, bathtub with TV, makeup mirror with LED lights, hair dryer... all have a European style on the wall next to the bathtub Stone relief, on the bathing tools, the hotel specially prepared children's toothbrushes and shower gel.
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