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The Qiandao Lake Scenic Area is different from other places for me. It is enough to go to the scenic spots in many places. But Qiandao Lake is not the same. It is not just a scenic spot of a lake. If you don't have an island, you can go to the dock to buy a ticket to visit the lake and see the scenery on the island.

If you are on the island, you can go to other places in Qiandao Lake, which is suitable for vacation. You can come here to hang out when you are in a good mood or not. There are many hotels here, many of which have balconies facing the lake. You can try the seafood here on the street, or sit back and enjoy the view of the lake.

I like the feeling of Qiandao Lake. The environment here is very good, the water is very green, the sky is very blue, and the best friends are very happy to wander here. Many bad emotions may sink here. At the bottom of the lake, the smoke disappeared.

The second time I came to Qiandao Lake. If there are happy things and unhappy things in the future, I will still come here. I like the feeling of standing on the balcony and blowing the wind.
작성일: 2018년 12월 24일
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In Qiandao Lake, we must choose to live in the lake view room. This time we choose Qiandao Lake Green City Resort Hotel, surrounded by water on three sides, facing the beautiful scenery of the central lake area of Qiandao Lake, facing the bustling business community of the city, the geographical position is very superior. The hotel lobby is traditionally and warmly decorated with 501 beautifully landscaped rooms. The warmth of the entrance to the lobby makes the first-time visitors feel very comfortable and the details are in place. The room we stayed in was also very spacious. The sun outside the window was shining in the house, which gave people the urge to sleep in bed immediately. We all wanted to have a bed, we fell in love, others fell in love, didnt we? ? A comfortable room, a lingering bed, what else can I ask for? The bright and spacious room, the white tulle fluttering in the wind, looking out is a vast expanse of water. The room is extremely large, sitting on the sofa in the room, drinking a cup of tea, enjoying yourself, the busy young people in the city, wanting to find a quiet place, look at the clouds, blow the air, enjoy the long-lost Loneliness. The hotel also has its own back garden. The green plants grow very lush. Here, people become gentle, stop the action, do not need any action to prove their existence, just enjoy the singing and grass of the birds. The green is fine. Sunset, the happiest thing is that every time you travel, God can give me a good weather. Everything is so beautiful under the sun. I like a place where a hotel sometimes only needs one moment.
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