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트립 모먼트

천도호,추천 트립 모먼트
부르즈 할리파
천도호,추천 트립 모먼트
사포웨이 비펑부두
Xiamen Shapowei food map, must not miss the beautiful and delicious art shop

Shapo tail has become one of the must-see checkpoints in Xiamen, open on this street A variety of new and old net red restaurants are endless, some are resistant to eating, some even stepping on the thunder, as Xiamen natives, carefully sent to you these four families are double-digit, good-looking, delicious and good to shoot Exquisite shop.

per capita: 30
recommended index:

squid rice set is very flavorful enough to be close to the people, large fish, with Shanghai moss A spoonful of cuttlefish silk is not a good one. In addition, the squid sandwich in the store, Ovaltine is also worth trying.
The 10th floor of the first floor of the small room, as soon as you walk into Fulai Jade, there will be a strange illusion of childhood twenty years ago.

Location: 122 University Road. (The facade is at the end of the Shapo tail shelter)
per capita: 40rmb
Recommended index:

See the effect of cheese brushing. Drinks are recommended to beat the bayberry.
Old Xiamen picks the design of high wooden beams, wooden tables and chairs, sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows by the window, accompanied by the setting sun on a sunny day or the light rain of the cloudy stars.

Location: No. 128, Minzu Road, Siming District, Xiamen City

Pretend In Korea
per capita: 65rmb
recommended index:

Korean fried chicken small portion, the day there is no smile potato cake, is an ordinary potato, soy sauce taste optional . Chicken wings are slightly sweet. Korean kimchi bibimbap: classic hot spring egg with sausage, seaweed, take a good shot and mix well with the entrance, the winter is super satisfied.
Restaurant has a total of four floors, ins simple style, picking a good weather afternoon is easy to produce.

Location: No. 86, Shapowei University Road, Siming District, Xiamen (the second floor of the alley opposite Chello)

Per capita: 65rmb
Recommended index:

Passion fruit Shufulei
Freshly baked Shufulei soft and tender Like a cloud, the entrance is light, and the Souffles sprinkled with fresh passion fruit is just the right blend of milk. Send the soft sweetness to the entrance, even if it is a bitter day, you can rely on this sweetness! The fluffy feeling of just getting on the table is at most 5 minutes, unless it is not enough to eat or not recommended;

Location: No.160, University Road, Siming District, Xiamen
천도호,추천 트립 모먼트
Eat it! This Beijing net red restaurant, known as the northeastern cuisine in the western food

Beijing landmark Wangfujing, it is getting better and better, not to mention tourists, I often live in Beijing, I also go to the baby and shopping. After a few times, the Zhilefang in the middle of Wangfujing, because of its good taste and high cost performance, was listed as a must-have restaurant. Many people think that his family only has cake desserts. In fact, there are also super rich meals and a small mini bar. The key is affordable, the volume is also very large and special, unique to the American West Fan, can be called "Northeastern cuisine in Western food." The restaurant where the American drama Bigbang Lipani works is actually the Chile Square chain.

Continue to stay with friends last night to gather here. We really have a point, with a combination of + dessert. It is not wrong to recommend a small partner to follow our meal order.

Crisp Rolls: A variety of spring rolls, including avocado rolls, Texas Mexican rolls, cheeseburger rolls and spicy salmon crackers. There is a combination of vegetarian and vegetarian, and the taste is good.

American fried chicken burger: a three, sturdy chicken fried out of focus and tender, a bite to meet.

Total Pizza: The value is very high, the weight is very good, the cheese is full, the sausage is covered, pick up a corner, you must brush!

French country salad: healthy choice, greasy, high fiber, several kinds of vegetables, I also satisfy the herbivore.

Lemon and garlic prawn fight DIANE an steak: steak is very good, with mashed potatoes and prawns, is rich enough.

blush velvet cheesecake & carrot cheesecake: the cake that most likes his family. First of all, the carrot cake has a cinnamon match and eats the stars.

Soft drink recommended juice or lemon black tea. Old mothers who need to stay up all night can also learn to order me coffee.

Tennis enthusiasts have noticed that during this year's China Open, Chilefang Restaurant will bring ten superb cakes to the scene to comfort the taste buds of the friends. Please look for the C10 booth. .
천도호,추천 트립 모먼트
천도호,추천 트립 모먼트
천도호,추천 트립 모먼트
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