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트립 모먼트

천도호,추천 트립 모먼트
천도호,추천 트립 모먼트
Milan Prince
천도호,추천 트립 모먼트
Blue Tulip
천도호,추천 트립 모먼트
How rich is an idle afternoon? Then sit in a small fresh dessert shop!

Make an appointment in advance and you can use it in the afternoon. The boss is also very polite!

The location is on Fuyuan Street. You can see it at the bottom of the 80,81 road station! Opened on the street, very conspicuous! It is a dessert shop and a baking shop!

first provides the mobile phone number, the meal is ready, I want to take it away, the boss is ready to pack, look at the store environment, simply enjoy it here, it is quite comfortable!

is a two-story building, the environment is small and fresh, and the dress is very delicate! Two small tables on the right hand side of the first floor, the murals on the wall with European streetscapes make guests feel like sitting on a street in France, Spain! There are various small ornaments in the cabinet on the left hand side. Although it is not a finished product, it is quite cute!

Going up the second floor through the wooden pattern of the corridor, there are still not many sofa seats, giving the guests more privacy, a pink leopard, sitting on the stairs, the bookcase is placed in various Literary works, there are various plants placed on the wall, and the chandelier baskets are also unique! Meet the boss's intentions! Inside is a long table, upstairs and downstairs tables and chairs, also suitable for different guests!

The last choice was the crispy dream dragon roll and the cherry blossom lychee. The proprietresss setter was also very particular, just taking pictures on the table of the European street, just like crossing!

: With chocolate crispy skin with nuts, bite is a "squeaky" sound, rich black and delicate aroma, soft and delicate mud cake, accompanied by black creamy Oh, its a taste!

Sakura lychee: the color is also good-looking, the upper layer floats with cherry petals, lemon embellishment, lychee meat sinks to the bottom, the beginning is not strong, the more you smoke, the lychee sets off the cherry blossoms, the faint lemon flavor Mixed with the sweet smell of soda, there is a value, there is a taste! !

Just sitting on a petty bourgeoisie, enjoying the melody of the surrounding environment and light music, not being disturbed, it is also very good!
Milan Prince
천도호,추천 트립 모먼트
Recently, I was a bit reversing. I found an excuse to eat and drink. I missed the omakase a bit. I was taken by Amway, and Im going to pull the grass.

is a bit low-key on the South Road in Yunnan. If it is not just following the navigation, it will pass by. The decoration style of the entrance is very like, the simple log wind, the line is 10 seats, the 980 package is one. Full of joy ~

seed crab vinegar, as the first dish, the value is very good, the taste is also ok, crab meat and crab seeds with fresh sweetness, and vinegar It is very delicious. It is really refreshing and refreshing in the summer~

silver carp Xijing, the rich silver carp with rice miso, the soft entrance is alluring, tender and not greasy~

Sake Australian abalone, the most worth mentioning is its abalone liver paste, which is not bitter, and the abalone is taken with the liver paste, which is rich and chewy, just right~

Sushi link , slowly looking forward to ~

horse mackerel sushi, peony shrimp sushi, squid sushi, toro. . . Consistently very tasty, the ingredients are very fresh ~

pipi shrimp sushi, good love, is my favorite Pippi shrimp, a big one hanging on the rice, one take me Go ~

fire star sushi, just look at it is a good series, fat but not greasy, a large piece full of cover, delicate taste, soft ~

crispy Toyama Bay white shrimp, eat this luck is not bad, limited money, crisp outside, tender shrimp, the length of the shrimp is also very special, with a special seasoning, very outstanding ~

Shizuoka honeydew, a bit Surprise, the last fruit is actually not sloppy, the sweet and beautiful taste is finished, super satisfied~
천도호,추천 트립 모먼트
What do we eat this weekend? Or come to a hot pot from the grassland?

Location: At the junction of Tulip Road and Huashen Avenue, opposite the Huawei Institute and Yuhua Foreign Language School, you will see a big Suguo or Hanting! The subway can take the software avenue to go north, and there are many bus lines to arrive!

[Environment]: The first floor is the kitchen and the operation room, the second floor of the stairs, the eyes of the Mongolian grassland! The decoration is exquisite and rich in theme, the private room is yurt style, and the partition also has Mongolian characteristics. The murals highlight the exotic scenery of the grassland people! The lantern has the taste of old Beijing, telling you that here is the perfect combination of beef and mutton hot pot!

[Service]: At 11 o'clock noon, the store has just opened, still finishing, but the younger brother is still warmly entertained, and arranged for us to sit down and redeem the package provided. The whole process is also warm and thoughtful, and the speed of serving is not delayed! Because of the early arrival, the noodles have not yet been prepared, but also offered to give us better handmade mutton dumplings, very satisfied!

|Meat skewers ^ The most amazing dish in the whole set, delicious, not fat, fat and thin, but not greasy, cumin and pepper control, so that the fragrance is not dry, cool not spicy! There are only 5, it is not easy to eat! !

|Boutique lamb roll ^ part of the amount of foot, a whole plate, the next pot will roll, clear soup pot to eat out will not have a smell, I ordered a special training, delicious!

|Handmade beef balls^The meat has a heavy feeling, it is very real, bite the meat and there is a marinade flowing out, put it in the pot, and float it to eat! Otherwise it will be old!

|Handmade mutton dumplings ^ taste fresh, put in the pot and boil it up and eat quickly, the mutton will have a smell when it is cold, remember to put some onion garlic vinegar in the seasoning to taste, delicious, Very positive!

|Time vegetable platter ^ There are still a lot of vegetables, there is nothing amazing, except that the lettuce is a bit bitter, others are okay!

|Nutritible ^ ^ standard old copper pot full of flavor, highlighting the original taste, eat more feel, a mutton, a kebab, and then a cup of chilled sour plum soup, cool!

is actually my birthday, Im going to watch a movie.
Milan Prince
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