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추천 트립 모먼트
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평창군,추천 트립 모먼트
There are not many Chinese tourists in Gangwon-do. Most of the tourists are staying in Seoul. I also watched the EXO video to know that there are many places to play. Take an adventure to Gangwon Province. It is the northern part of Korea and the coldest place. I checked the weather before I came. When Seoul was a dozen degrees ago, it was at -4° - 4°, and the temperature difference between morning and evening was great. Going to Gangwon-do can take a high-speed rail or rent a car. In fact, renting a car is quite convenient. After landing from Incheon Airport in Seoul, drive directly to Gangwon-do. About three hours later, I took a break in the service area. What surprised me was that the high-speed service station actually ate so much, and the service station was very clean. Resting service area: Lingdong Expressway - Longren Service Area When you need to pick up the card at the same level as in China, there is no Chinese on it, but the operation is the same. Because dinner is BBQ, we went to the supermarket to purchase some ingredients before going to the place to stay. The things inside are quite rich. EMART (Egawa E-Mart) Address: 684 Chungcheongbuk-do, Jeongcheon-dong, Gangdung-dong, 684 evening, it is a place to stay, here is a caravan camp . The owner is a Korean couple, and then they look like Koreans, a strong artist. The male owner does not like to talk very much, always doing things silently. The RV here is designed by themselves. I found his territory in the warehouse next to me.
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