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추천 트립 모먼트
푸장,추천 트립 모먼트
Chengdu Tulip Kingdom spring, the happiest thing is to step on the spring flowers, gently wind the dream of shaking gently. If there are millions of tulip pots, what is the feeling of two thousand acres of flower lakes on the slopes of the lake? It must be a full of happiness, spring is so good! In the place where the distance is less than 1 hour, there is a flower sea called the Shixiang Lake Scenic Area, where it can satisfy all your desire for flowers, which is filled with all kinds of flowers and plants. Is a kingdom of flowers. The total area of flowers in Shixiang Lake Scenic Area is 600 mu, of which the main flower area is about 210 mu, the Xiangshanhua area is about 280 mu, and the second stage even flower field is about 110 mu. The stone lake in this season, the main tulip. This year, nearly 200 varieties were introduced: the "Nissen Carnival" in the shape of ice cream, the "black land and black hero" in black tulips, the "fire parrot" in the shape of a parrot, and the "Pink Giant" in the flowering period, about 45-50 days. Gradient color variety "color change Moline and daydream." just arrived in March, the sun is just awkward, it is better to bring a favorite ta together to enjoy a flower. tips: Tickets: 100 yuan on site, 78 yuan on Trip. Automobile: Take the Chengya Expressway and exit at the Pujiang service area. The journey takes about 86 kilometers and takes 1 hour by car. High-speed rail: Take the Chengya Railway to Pujiang Station or get off at Chaoyang Lake Station, you can take the free shuttle bus.
푸장,추천 트립 모먼트
Ming Mingyue Village is not a big hit in Chengdu, but he gradually entered the field of vision with the attitude of ideal village. It used to be the Suining Station of the Sui and Tang Tea Horse Road and the Southern Silk Road. Nowadays, due to the tie dyeing here, The folk art of pottery slowly attracts more and more people to experience. It takes about an hour and a half to drive. Mingyue International Ceramics Village, with a history of more than 300 years, Mingyue Kiln, the firing process used in the Tang Dynasty, is known as the "living kiln." We chose the Zhangjia Pottery Art at the entrance to the village. Bring the children experience, 50 yuan an hour. If the child's work is worth burning, you can add 48 yuan, the owner will burn it and mail it to you, the cycle is about 20 days, if only to commemorate the children's art road, you can add 10 to take away. found another place where you can experience tie-dyeing, called dyeing, and walk into the backyard. We joined the tie-dye experience course for 150 yuan, and you can make a scarf yourself. In a variety of interesting ways to "drawing", the place where you tied with hemp rope is white, the other place is blue, dyed with dyed wood. Looks like the remote Mingyue Village, don't worry about eating, there is a bright moon canteen. 38 yuan a guest, he is responsible for the meal. Children have steamed pumpkin, marinated beef, and cucumbers to eat, and more people will be richer. Facing the 10,000-mu tea field and looking at Jiajin Mountain, we chose this kind of hotel called "Stay".
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