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핑양,추천 트립 모먼트
, the ancient law hand made natural This is the place that was accidentally known, the Internet is so described, thousands of white noodles bathed in the sun, the lines are full of spectacular scenes. But when you get here, you find it more spectacular than you think. After the farmhouse in front of the house, thousands of white noodles bathe in the warm winter sun, plunging from the long special wooden frame, the scene is spectacular, sometimes looks like flying down The waterfall; sometimes like intricate gauze. Nanshan Suojiao Village has a traditional hand-made fine surface, which is as delicate as a magical taste. It is a beautiful Wenzhou person who can leave the sea and leave the sea. taste. Late noodles, and the next morning, I took the outdoor rack to dry. At noon, take the following tray into the shape of "8" and stack it into the basket to sell it. 100 kg face and into 10 kg of salt, with one hand kneading and pulling, the toughness of the face to the extreme, the person who has eaten the hand-made noodles, the tip of the tongue can distinguish its special. "Ping and warming. Fine as cotton yarn. Easy to digest. Contour is flexible. No additives. Long storage is not bad. Pure hand." This is the best description of the cable surface. If you have the opportunity, you must take a look at this scene and go to the locals to come and have a bowl of noodles. This is a place where you can take photos and enjoy the food~ Address: Nanshan Village is located in Pingyangkeng Town, Ruian City, Wenzhou
핑양,추천 트립 모먼트
When it comes to Yandang Mountain, the first thing people think of is the North Yandang Mountain. But in fact, South Yandang Mountain became famous earlier. At the beginning, Yandang Mountain was the "proprietary name" of Nanyandang Mountain. Tang Dynasty ancestral general Li Wei once called "Yandang" directly in the poem "You Nan Yan Dang". The literati Cai Fang of the Ming Dynasty wrote in the book "South Yandang Mountain": "Dongyan Yandang is a famous mountain in the world, two in the mountains, and the south is in Pingyang. It is famous for its beauty." However, due to the south The Yandang Mountain is located in a remote place. The tourists are hard to find, and they are gradually left out. Instead, they let the northern Yandang Mountain come to the top. Rao is so, it does not affect the beauty of South Yandang Mountain. South Yandang Mountain is divided into the east-west scenic spot, the Shunxi scenic spot, the Mingwangfeng scenic spot, the Bihai Tiancheng scenic spot, and the three scenic spots of the Chiyan Mountain Scenic Spot. The mountain is prosperous, due to the water, the Xiuxi, the secluded cave, the Qifeng, Jingyan, Yin Waterfall and Shijie constitute the six major scenic spots. Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism meet here. Nature and humanity complement each other and make people feel fascinated. Landscape Paintings Everyone has a sneak peek in the northern geese and then travels to the south geese. Once upon a time, the poems have been praised: "Before the North Yanqi, now the letter is the most. The day set two geese, the special south of the sky. Not all, and want to paint. After the tour, believe in non-private love."
핑양,추천 트립 모먼트
Pingyang County is located in the south of Zhejiang Province. It has a history of more than 1,700 years. It has a rich and outstanding people, and its style is rich, green, blue, red and patina. It constitutes its multi-color and enjoys the reputation of Southeast Xiao Zou Lu. When it comes to "green", you have to mention Fenghu Park, which is located in the central area of the north of Kunyang Town. According to the landscape idea of "there is Longshan in the south and Fenghu in the north", the water body is naturally divided into In the 7 major blocks, through the functional division, landscape construction, and bridge connection, the layout structure of One Belt, One Lake, Six Continents and Eight Scenes is formed. and Su Buqing's former residence can be seen as a representative of "Plain". Su Buqing's former residence is located in the southwest of the northeast, the ancient vines are winding around the west, there are strange trees in front of the house, there are wells in the backyard, the water is clear as a mirror, the winter is warm and the summer is cool, the walls are surrounded, the door is west, the vestibule is wide, the backyard Deep and quiet, it is a typical resident of Zhennan Village. Pingyang is known as "Zhejiang Yan'an" and is one of the earliest revolutionary bases in southern Zhejiang. From July 21st to 30th, 1939, the First Congress of the Communist Party of China in Zhejiang Province was held in the crown of Pingyang Fengying and Ma Taugang, which opened a new page of Zhejiang Party History. At that time, the Chinese workers and peasants led by Liu Ying and Su Yu carried out an arduous guerrilla war in southern Zhejiang, making southern Zhejiang a very important strategic fulcrum.
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