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It is probably the most horrific museum in Philadelphia, and the most horrific museum ever visited by the East. The Matt Museum is located in the Old Town of Philadelphia. It houses a collection of 19 world medical materials, specimens of various types of deformed human remains, museums with medical anatomical models, human organ specimens and other exhibits, as well as some ancient medical equipment. The museum contains slices of Einstein's brain and many specimens of deformed humans and organs, making it the world's most horrific museum. Before coming here, I suggest not to eat too much at the end. Of course, if you are studying medicine, it is a different matter. The owner of the exhibit is an anatomy doctor. Each exhibit is also explained in detail. As the most horrific museum in the world, it is naturally popular. When the door opens early in the morning, the museum is full of tourists. From soap corpses, long-horned women, smallpox arms, and facial specimens, it is said that the big world is nothing.
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The University of Pennsylvania may not be as famous as Harvard and MIT, but it is also one of the famous universities in the United States. It belongs to the eight universities of Ivy League (eight universities: Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, should be the most difficult university to apply for in the United States. Binda was founded by Franklin in 1740. The first medical school and business school in the United States (Wharton Business School) was born here. The school motto is "Faude is not established" and it also shows Its law school has a position in the United States. Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin also studied at Penn. The campus covers an area of 1.13 square kilometers. Its campus buildings are modeled after the University of Oxford and Cambridge Gothic style. While enriching some of the old elements of the British style, it has also innovated a new campus Gothic architecture. style. There are several restaurants and bars on campus, as well as large supermarkets and cinemas. It is a small living park with complete facilities for eating, drinking and drinking. In the university park in the east of the campus, there are also sports venues such as football fields, football fields, and baseball fields. Walking on the campus, there are many quaint buildings around, some are college buildings, and some are student residence halls. The LOVE statue found on the Penn campus is relatively mini, but it is also the only LOVE in Philadelphia. Leaving Penn, heading to the subway station, passing the Schuyl River, a river running through Philadelphia, surrounded by modern high-rise buildings and many historical monuments.
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