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트립 모먼트

추천 트립 모먼트
추천 트립 모먼트
펑저우,추천 트립 모먼트
펑저우,추천 트립 모먼트
Live in the medieval castles around Chengdu Pengzhou Guoyi Coffee Manor B&B Manor is like a medieval castle, with a strong European style, very The design of the building, surrounded by large forests, the environment is very quiet. There are large green plants outside, and various stones are connected into a fence and piled up in a landscape. The blue and orange wooden doors are matched, and it is like coming to Europe. There are 4 floors in the room. The first floor and the second floor are mainly for afternoon tea. The decoration is very retro and fresh. There are desserts, coffee, western food and Chinese food in the store. You may wish to spend a weekend afternoon with friends on a weekend, chat and have fun all day. There are also places for coffee and chatting outside, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, closer to nature, stunned and feel the breath of nature. The room is located on the 4th floor of the manor. The room is very spacious. In the morning, I open the window and breathe the natural atmosphere. It is very comfortable. If the weather is good, you can watch the stars in the yard at night, very romantic. wear: It is recommended to wear a French-style dress, which is very suitable for the environment of the castle. There are fewer rooms in the manor. It is recommended to book in advance on holidays. There is also the Gexian Mountain Scenic Area around , and the ginkgo turns yellow in the fall. Location: No. 3 , 8th Group, Qijiang Village, Gexianshan Town, Pengzhou City: It takes about 1.5 hours to drive from Chengdu. You can also take the train to Pengzhou Station and take a taxi for about half an hour. Price: 150+ per person, can be booked online
펑저우,추천 트립 모먼트
Around Chengdu | Staying at Luye Castle is like a holiday in France h really like the name of the hotel: Luye Castle. step to the mist Deep forest castle a castle hotel in the middle of the mountain, the style of romantic to bring this mountain red face. The hotel is located in Bailu Town, Pengzhou, not far from Chengdu. The town itself is super beautiful! French style street, it is hard to imagine this is near Chengdu! Hotel: We arrived at Bailu Town at noon, and at the first sight we can see the entrance to the hillside with a majestic Catholic Church. The deer castle that is separated from it has become the most distinctive place in the area with the Catholic Church. I and I parked the car vigorously, standing at the entrance of the Banshan Hotel, you can overlook the colorful European roof in the small town under the hillside. The white mist is floating in the mountains and green, so fresh. . The entrance to the hotel is also the highest point of the town, so if you want to overlook the panoramic view of the town or take a beautiful scenery, be sure to climb the Luye Castle to feel it. : We stayed in the suite, located on the second floor of the hotel. The color of the entire hotel room is filled with the comfortable "Morland color". The style of each unit will vary, and the suite is a viewing space with a separate bath area with a reception room and 180° floor-to-ceiling windows. There is also a double room with mountain views and a deluxe single room decorated with Mediterranean-style arch elements. The room has a large floor-to-ceiling balcony with an umbrella, air conditioning and LCD TV. Bathrobes, slippers, 24-hour hot water and a hairdryer are provided in the bathroom. The facilities in the room are very good. Open the window and you can see the European town of White Hart. Hotel services: 1The hotel has a church-style banquet hall that can accommodate 200-300 people at the same time. It is said that a simple and warm wedding has been hosted for a local multinational lover. The son-in-law of France and the daughter of Chengdu stayed at Bailu to open an authentic French restaurant. 2 There is a breakfast area on the right side of the lobby. The left side of the lobby is the coffee, book bar area and children's entertainment area, as well as a multi-purpose hall that can accommodate 40 people. 3The afternoon porch at the entrance of the hotel provides a viewing afternoon tea, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and breathe the fresh and natural air of the mountains. Price: 588-888 yuan (floating holidays) Address: No. 279, Renren Street, Pengzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan.
펑저우,추천 트립 모먼트
Sleeping in the French Castle Hotel, the deer wild castle, to achieve the dream of each girl's castle probably every girl has a castle dream: have dreamed of living like a princess in the castle, Lin See the deer in the deep, see you when you wake up! The distance between the Chinese and French towns of Pengzhou Bailu, which is more than one hour away from Chengdu, is based on the French town of Provence. As soon as I got here, I almost thought I had crossed Europe! In the commanding heights of this romantic town, there is a French dream castle hotel, Luye Castle. Surrounded by green hills, Luye Castle is located in the middle of the mountain and is the best viewing point overlooking the entire white deer in the French town. Hotel Name: Luye Castle Hotel Location: Chengdu, Pengzhou 279 Renren Street About the hotel: The whole castle hotel has 2 floors The 1st and 2nd floors have distinct functional distinctions. The design of the entire hotel is very strong, and it will use mirrors, reflections, lights, etc. to enhance the sense of space. The 1st floor is a public space. There are church-style banquet halls for weddings and various party gatherings. There are also breakfast areas, VIP rooms, children's entertainment areas... each area has a strong design. Feeling, there are really 2 deer in the lobby door. Oh, it is a surprise! The cloisters on both sides of the hotel entrance are perfect for viewing, don't miss it! The food on the 1st floor of the hotel is very refined and tastes good. It must be eaten! The room is on the 2nd floor and has different room types: Double Room with Mountain View, Separate Bath View Suite, Deluxe Single Room, Family Room, etc. Regardless of the room type, you must remember to pay attention to the window of each room type. Very beautiful! Especially recommend the type of bathtub, shoot a large piece in minutes, this time did not grab this room type, with regrets to go live next time! ! ! The color of the hotel room is the advanced Morandi color, simple and comfortable! The space is large, and the details are implied in design and mind. Hotels around the hotel: Next to the hotel is the bustling area of the Catholic Church and the town of the town. It is so convenient to play the whole town in a few minutes! And its rare to do the framing!
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펑저우,추천 트립 모먼트
주펑산 풍경명승구
Jiufeng Mountain is located in Dabao Township, Chengdu, northwest of Pengzhou City. It has an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. The scenic spots have not yet been developed. The road to the mountain is very immature. People who like to hike like mountain climbing like self-abuse will appreciate the beauty. Transportation: It is most convenient to drive or charter in the past. There is no direct shuttle bus. Take the shuttle bus to Pengzhou in Chengdu Wuzhishi Bus Station, take the shuttle bus from Pengzhou to Baishui River, take the van from Baishui River to the red house, and start at Jiufeng Mountain. The journey from Chengdu to Jiufengshan takes about 4 hours. I set off from Chengdu very early in the morning, and started climbing at the mountain at noon, and went to the top of the mountain in the evening. Jiufeng Mountain is no car to the top of the mountain, the whole journey can only walk! If the middle foot is abolished, you can ask someone to go down the mountain, and the cost is very high. There is no place to live on the top of the mountain. There are only 2 small houses where you can sleep, but there is usually nothing. It is best to bring your sleeping bag and moisture pad. The top of the mountain is very cold at night, so be sure to bring thick clothes. Bring your own food and water. If there are many people going up the mountain on weekends, there will be an uncle on the top of the mountain to cook and boil water, but it is best to bring your own food just in case. Look at the night scenes, stars, sunrises, clouds and seas to fight for the character, the beauty will be left to the lucky ones.
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