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[해리포터를 사랑하는 해덕이라면 꼭 가야할 올랜도 유니버설 스튜디오] 1. 그린고트 은행 위에 앉아있는 용을 만나보세요! 주기적으로 불을 내뿜으니 놓치지 말기! (위치 : Universal Studios Florida 👉 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley) 2. 호그와트 급행열차를 타고 이동하기: 아일랜드 파크엔 호그스미드와 호그와트가, 유니버설스튜디오 파크엔 런던과 다이애건앨리가 있고, 이 두 구역을 호그와트 급행열차가 연결하고 있어요. 두 구역이 두 파크에 나눠져 있기 때문에 호그와트급행열차를 타기 위해서 Hopper티켓은 필수!!! (위치 : Universal Studios Florida 👉 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - London) 3. 지팡이로 마법부리고 다니기: 올랜도 유니버설은 다이애건앨리, 호그스미드, 녹턴앨리를 합쳐 모두 20군데에서 마법을 부릴 수 있어요. 그리고 해리, 볼드모트, 헤르미온느 등 등장인물이 사용하는 지팡이뿐만 아니라 길이, 재질, 성분 등이 각각 다른 특별한 지팡이들도 판매하고 있습니다...!! . (위치 : Universal Studios Florida 👉 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley) 4. 나이트 버스 앞에서 기장 스탠과 대화를 나누고, 사진을 찍을 수 있어요: 영화 속 버스 창문 앞에 달려있는 말하는 대가리(Shrunken head)와도 대화를 나눌 수 있답니다. 녹음된 소리가 아니라 실제 말을 해요. (위치 : Universal Studios Florida 👉 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - London) 5. 런던에서 '머글'들에게 숨겨져있는 다이애건 앨리로 가보세요!: 유니버설스튜디오에 위치한 런던 구역에 가면 이름 모를 벽돌 통로가 있는데 벽 안으로 들어가면 숨겨진 다이애건앨리가 나타납니다. 영화속 주인공이 된 기분을 느낄 수 있어요.
올란도,추천 트립 모먼트
Epcot is the main technology element, so you can learn some scientific knowledge about the earth, energy, space and so on. There are many national pavilions on the lakeside, which are similar to the World Expo. I like which countries can focus on excursions. The number I used is the number on the map taken in the garden, which is convenient for searching, and the reader can not care. And I didn't list all the projects, just listed some projects that impressed me a lot. I just skipped the simple interactive project like a kid. In addition, the time of some projects may change every day, so it is important to take a schedule of performances. [1][Space Ship Earth]. Epcot is the one who can see a big ball when he enters the park. The project in the big ball is Space Ship Earth. Generally, many tourists who are just entering the park will be crowded into this project, so unless you have a fast pass, you should not join in the fun when you first enter the park. Wait until later. This project is to sit down and learn about the history of the earth. [2][Ellens Energy Adventure]. This project is relatively long and relatively easy, 45 minutes. The protagonist is the host Ellen, who learns some about energy. [3][Mission SPACE] simulates a NASA launch mission and is quite immersive. [5][Test Track], there are not many people there. This is a racing project, starting from the beginning, and the second half is an outdoor sprint. The speed is very exciting. [12][The Seas with Nemo & Friends] Sitting in a shell-like carriage, you will see the characters of the Nemo. [13][Turtle Talk with Crush]. This is an interactive project. The voice of the tortoise on the big screen is that someone talks to the children in real time. Very interesting. [14][Soarin] One of Epcot's longest queues (although not necessarily the most fun) is Soarin. If you queue up after the project, you can accept it immediately. The reason for the slow queue may be because there are not many people who can play at one time. In fact, this project is to simulate a flight in California. It is quite immersive. Don't rush to play nearby projects after Soarin is finished, you have to play what you want to play first. [15][Living with the Land] See if the queue time is acceptable. This project will see Disneyland's own greenhouse plants and vegetables, etc. Visitors will learn how Disneyland is self-sufficient in its ingredients. [17][Journey Into Imagination With Figment] This project is a lap to see some imaginative sights about the animated character of Figment. [18][Captain EO] 3D movie. The protagonist is Michael Jackson. The Big Lake in Epcot is the World Showcase, which shows the customs of many countries. There is no exciting project in this part. Some countries have movies and other projects that are scheduled to perform, so you may need to wait, no need to look at them all. Recommend Japan [36] [Japan], you can also buy a lot of Japanese gifts. 9pm has fireworks [IllumiNations
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