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홍콩 디즈니랜드
Hong Kong Disney's three major hotels to eat and play Raiders

Stay at Disney's Discovery Resort, breakfast can also meet Disney friends.

The Disney Explorer Resort is a great choice, with a choice of different themed room layouts.

The room we stayed in was the theme of "Toy Story", the room was decorated from the hanging door to the slippers, all related to "Toy Story", and these themes can be taken home.

The bed in the room has a bed fence that prevents children from falling out of bed. It is so intimate. In addition, there will be a small bench under the sink, and the children can wash their own hands.

All the power sockets in the room are protected by a protective cover. The switch next to the power supply is also in the off state to prevent the child who is not sensible from accidentally touching the power supply.

The breakfast at Disney Discovery Resort is very rich, and even more surprising is the meeting, shaking hands and taking photos with Mickey and Goofy. Even Mickey and Goofy are wearing explorer-style clothes. Seems to explore the unknown world with Amy.

There are three hotels in the Summer Soldier Training Course at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Move to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

A summer soldier training class is being held here, right next to the swimming pool. On the flat lawn of the hotel, several circles have already been set.

The first level of the task is to drill through the circle, then you can advance to the next level. The second level is to use a water pistol to pry a ball to a ring. After entering, it is a pass. The third level is to stand at 2 meters away and use a water gun to smash three eyes.

These three levels are easy for Amy to do. The difficulty of the fourth level is slightly improved. The entertainer hides the Disney friend's doll in a small maze. Amy needs to find the entertainer in the maze. The designated Disney friend is considered a winner. Fortunately, the maze is not big, and the training task of the summer soldier training camp can be completed soon.

At the Disney's Hollywood Hotel Mickey Chef's Restaurant, the Mickey Chef's Restaurant at the Disney's Hollywood Hotel, which is close to the buffet dinner, is waiting for us.

One of the most intriguing is the variety of "Toy Story" themed desserts... all of them are Amy's favorites.
올란도,추천 트립 모먼트
유니버설 스튜디오 재팬
Amusement Park can not miss the Universal Studios Japan

regardless of adults or children, the amusement park is always so attractive to us.
Entering the amusement park, the age can be instantly evaporated;
enters the amusement park, and childhood returns immediately.

Recommended reason
Universal Studios, located in the Kansai region of Japan, is now known as the most fun Universal Studios, and the daily visitors are endless. The play facilities of various parks are also 100% restored scenes of the movie, so that everyone is there.

Recommended parks and rides
Harry Potter's Magic World
This is the most popular park in the entire amusement park, 100% restored the Hogwarts Castle and In Hogmund village, the staff and some tourists also wore costumes in the movie, as if they really entered the magical world, as if they could see Harry Potter in the next second.
There are multiple shops in the park. You can buy magical costumes such as magic robes and wands, which are common in movies. Butter beer is also available on the street. This is the most delicious food in the whole park! Although it is beer, but in fact there is no alcohol, children can rest assured to drink ~
If you take the children, remember to go to the Olifande wand shop, maybe you will be selected to choose the wand oh ~ this is also a A good experience~

Forbidden Journey
for 5 consecutive years, won the world No.1 rides and award-winning rides! Never miss it!
Before experiencing the taboo tour, you will enter the castle, walk through the principal's office, walk through the Hogwarts promenade, the decoration in the castle and the scenes in the movie are almost 100% restored, with sound effects, we It was like a freshman in the first grade, came to Hogwarts with curiosity and awkwardness.

Height limit: Under 122cm can't participate
If you have a child with insufficient height, don't worry, there is a separate lounge in the castle for the children to rest, and the room also plays "Halibo" Special series of movies, adults can finish the game to pick up the children.
Eagle's flight
This facility restored Hagrid's protected magical animal class, hovering over Hagrid's cabins and pumpkin fields, just as Harry rode an eagle to fly over the castle and fly that day. Like the sea.

Height limit: 122cm or more can be taken alone, children above 92cm need to be accompanied by adults, 92cm or less can not participate
Spider-Man's Adventures
Don't be scared by name, in fact, all Not terrible. Sitting in the car, bring VR glasses
height limit: below 122cm can not participate

future water world
true restore movie battle scene, the front row of users can be careful to be splashed water ~ The entire performance time is around 20 minutes and there is no age limit.

Compare recommends that you buy a quick pass and reduce the queue time (because there are so many visitors to Universal Studios Osaka), you can play several more rides in a limited time. The quick pass is generally based on the project. There are 4 items, 7 items, etc., which can be determined according to your own needs.

Useful Information
2 Chome-1-33 Sakurajima
올란도,추천 트립 모먼트
홍콩 오션파크
올란도,추천 트립 모먼트
상하이 야생 동물원
In the memory, the animals in the zoo are not sleeping, they like to take the butt to the tourists, and the smell that is invisible in the air is really very sensational. The Shanghai Wildlife Park completely overturned my imagination of the zoo and was worth calling for her.
It is recommended to enter the park and go to the beast bus area to reduce the queue time. The zoo ticket contains free bus tickets. However, if you want to see feeding, you have to buy a special equipment ticket. I recommend everyone to take this close-up observation of the beast's iron bar car, which is very exciting! There is only a brown bear who has been eating in the car for a long time in order to eat radish. It is important to understand the interpretation and performance time of each district. You can get the timetable by picking up the tour map or downloading the official app. It is highly recommended to watch Russian circus, Panda Hall, Foxtail Island, Tiger Food, Sea Lion Show, Bear Bear Mountain Bear Feeding and so on. In addition, there are parent-child flamingos, alpacas, kangaroos, pigeons and parrots, all of which are not included in the ticket. Tired, there are many rest areas, very human. Of course, the purchase of a battery ticket is also a saving option.
Telling the truth, watching the pandas squatting and smashing the bamboo, it is too cured, I can watch it all day. I was also climbed to the top of my head by a lemur and had a close encounter. There are many people in the popular animal area. It is recommended that everyone come to the park in the morning to play, and parking is very convenient.
Finally, I hope that everyone will watch the animals in a civilized way, and don't feed and beat the glass at will. Love animals, everyone is responsible!
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Gulangyu Island, a small island full of romance and literary art, has attracted many tourists from home and abroad. Just because the reputation is too loud? I think it should not be, I like Gulangyu is the essence of Gulangyu, because this nature allows me to feel the charm of life and meditation!
Some people say that I spent a day enough to stroll through the entire Gulangyu Island, and it is true! The entire area of Gulangyu Island is less than 2 square kilometers. If you look at the scenery, it is definitely not an exaggeration.
Ran, Yamano I especially like Gulangyu, especially like spending a few days, months, years or even a lifetime to spend here, so why?
Want to know this answer? Then follow Shan Yejun to visit this tempting island!
Gulangyu, a tourist scenic spot in Xiamen, attracts friends from all over the world to visit with its beautiful, ecological and quiet island features. In addition to the five major attractions, Gulangyu is the most famous street, and it is very worth seeing. Many of the streets here are connected together, but many streets and lanes can make you lose your way. It is such a block that makes the entire Gulangyu neighborhood become one of the national enthusiast-level scenic spots.
If you don't go to the top five attractions, it's a good choice to experience the slow-paced life of the island. It seems that the whole island is not big, but there are many small places with flavors. It is especially suitable for small fresh girls, handsome and handsome guys in literature and art, and lovers in sweet love. Anyway, when you come to Gulangyu, you don't need any reason to spend time, and you don't need to seek any purpose to roam. Gulangyu is a time to taste, just like tea. People who like to drink tea will spend a day to taste tea, but people who don't like tea will get it in a few minutes. I think drinking tea is for thirst. This is the case with Gulangyu. The charm of Gulangyu Island needs time to read it out, so the connotation of Gulangyu is to look at our fate and taste.
Some people say that I spent a day enough to stroll through the entire Gulangyu Island, and it is true! The entire area of Gulangyu Island is less than 2 square kilometers. If you look at the scenery, it is definitely not an exaggeration.
Ran, Yamano I especially like Gulangyu, especially like spending a few days, months, years or even a lifetime to spend here, so why?
Want to know this answer? Then follow Shan Yejun to visit this tempting island!
Some information about Gulangyu:
1, ticket information: The current price is 35 yuan for ordinary tickets, Xiamen Dongdu Wharf Gulangyu Inner Mongolian Macao Ferry Terminal has a fixed departure time, and Returning to Xiamen Neiyuao Ferry Terminal Xiamen Xiamen Drum Pier is free to arrange the itinerary; the luxury boat is 50 yuan back and forth, and the number of tickets is limited every day. It is recommended to book online 2 days in advance to avoid delays.
It is also worth noting that it is from 5:30 pm, after 17:30 to 0.
Steven Zhang
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Adults always expect us to be angels, but in fact, we also want to be a night's demon. Every year, we can't miss the one-night long-range Halloween carnival. This year, we will experience the 99-yuan ticket for the first time. One night, invincible, happy heartbeat, and the need for such a carnival is too much for us to force the office workers to release!

!! Play Tips
1Open at 3 pm, try to go early, play more projects, because many people line up for each project!
2Remember the parade of several key time ,, must not miss the ghostly
3 6 after 6 pm, the park began to show a gloomy environment, be careful behind, too many ghosts
4 Girls will wear more trousers, black is the best in white
5 free makeup! There is also an exquisite selection of upgraded version of 30 yuan or more

!! Staged time charge
October 10 - October 18 The fare is: 99 yuan
October 19 - October 25 The fare is: 129 yuan
October 26 - The fare on November 3 is: 159 yuan

!! 2019 new changes
1 puppet master
puppet master haunted house invited by the foreign professional team to build, the focus is really a ghost atmosphere!
2The Cursed House
is run by 2019, the latest king of the Dark Devil Brian. In the depths of the gloomy woods, the ghosts create their own stories in the desolate mansion, truly showing the cursing horror environment!
3The eight original ghost kings are coming all round, and walking on the road in minutes and suddenly appears behind you! If you are lucky, you can meet the eight ghost kings at once, and then take a big photo, cool burst

!! 2019 upgrade version must play
1 4th platform, one of my favorite projects! In the subway car that didn't know when it was the end, 13 different characters swam in the subway haunted house, and couldn't tell which ones were real ghosts and which were puppets!
2 ghost prison! There have been upgrades this year, and there are mournings in the ruins of the prisons, as well as the unpredictable small steps, sneer, crying, and a little bit of movement can make your scalp numb!
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유니버설 스튜디오 싱가포르
Singapore must-have card | Universal Studios Day Tour

Come to Singapore Universal Studios always has to arrange a day, theme park! Just like which national cities have Disneyland, going to travel will always go to play~ This Universal Studios in Singapore is on Sentosa Island, you can easily understand the feeling of becoming a city center + outlying island.
Metro gets off at HarbourFront, C exits Vivo City and then takes the Sentosa Express to the island on the third floor. (You can use the transportation card)
After you leave the station, you can go to Universal Studios. Although it is open at 10 o'clock, it is best to go at 9 o'clock, because you always take pictures at the door, and then queue up. I didn't buy a fast ticket, because Singapore's Universal Studios is still quite small, basically arrived early, and all the projects can be played.

After queuing into the park, the map is taken. The entrance to the avenue is less than a stop, first play the key projects, and there is time to go back and take a photo.

The most popular item is of course Transformers! Directly here, there are not many people in the queue~ This is actually the scene of the simulated Transformers battle (sitting in the car), I just sit in the first row, very realistic, fun!

Red and Blue Roller Coaster is another popular project here. Roller coaster enthusiasts can't miss it. It seems that Universal Studios in other countries does not have this project. I am not courageous to play, the so-called red and blue difference, one is sitting in the car, and the other is the foot hanging outside, too horrible. . .

This mummies, no one is queuing when I go, because it is also a hot item and I want to hurry! Its a bit uncomfortable to go to the door and say that you want to store your bags and items. . . Sure enough, its terrible! This is actually an indoor roller coaster. . . The whole process is dark, then there will be a period of rapid retreat, like to stimulate to go play ~ let me play once I refused! The

stimulus project is actually the three, and fight for it in the morning. In the afternoon, when you have a little physical strength, you can play indoor sitting projects, such as performances, which is the first choice!

Look at the time, go in and choose the seat, this program is interactive, so the seat has a color distinction, summed up is sitting in front will be wet! (There is a chance to be invited to the stage in the front row. There will be a bucket of water in the show. Hahaha.) I am probably sitting in a slightly wet area, and it will indeed be sprinkled by water.)

Later, I also played some projects without taking pictures, such as drifting, this needs to bring a raincoat, otherwise it will be wet. As for the degree of wetness, the direction of the round seat drifting is uncertain, but the doorway There will be a dryer for the charge, it is best to bake it.
Photographing what to put in the end, Xiao Huangren shop and photo must have a wave ~

basically I played before the dark, then go back to the B&B to rest, go to Geylang at night, eat Tianji porridge, if you have physical strength, you can also shop at Yifeng City + dinner.
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2019 올해의 브랜드 대상 수상