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트립 모먼트

올란도,추천 트립 모먼트
Shanghai Alice's dream-themed coffee shop!

I believe that the little fairies who have watched Alice in Wonderland are not strange to the rabbit hole. We often imagine that if we can cross the fairyland and the crazy hat, Mr. White Rabbit will have a leisurely afternoon tea. How happy the picture is!

However, recently, in the Great Devils, there was such a fairy place, Bunny Wonderland. The shop was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. On the narrow Yongkang Road, it is not easy to find out if you don't look carefully. The store is small, two-story building, can be seen with a careful arrangement, the grass green environment is filled with the atmosphere of the forest, as if entering a dreamlike fairy tale world.

ordering is ordering on the ipad on the first floor. It really depends on the eye. Every drink and dessert is named after the characters in the movie. It looks delicious. If you have a good point, you can go to the second floor. There are only four or five tables on the second floor. It is very crowded and small, but the photo is better than the first floor. There is a very girly dressing table, which is especially suitable for concave style photography.

We ordered a pot of sweet-scented osmanthus tea and some cute little desserts. The features here will be packed in a very court-style tray, plus the bunny, squirrel and other decorations. More like a work of art, people feel very good, the owner really understands the little girl's careful thinking ~ taste is natural is not bad, but this is not important, the key is that this photo is really too girly!
올란도,추천 트립 모먼트
올란도,추천 트립 모먼트
The original road returned to the bus stop, and the rain was getting denser and denser. The Kyoto bus tour continued. The next stop was Nijo Castle.

Nijo Castle was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first general of the Edo Shogunate, and the last general of the Tokugawa family was celebrated here. It preserves the paintings and architectural features of the Momoyama era in Japan and is one of Kyoto's world cultural heritage. The Marunouchi in Nijo Castle is an important cultural heritage, and the Naruyaru Imperial Palace is a national treasure. Inside the temple, there are generals who receive the names of the rooms, the rooms of the court officials and the living room. The 2nd Maru Garden and the Qingliu Garden are also famous gardens.

Nijo Castle is also very popular. Just off the bus, I saw a lot of tourists gathered at the entrance. There are a total of six compartments, such as Yuanshi, Shitai, Daguang, Sutie, Heshuyuan and Baishuyuan. You can see the prosperity of the past between the pillars and the pillars. The decoration, exuding the profound culture of the Tang Dynasty, was the most luxurious decoration in the Edo period. The paper door paintings of the various compartments in series are mostly drawn by the "Kano Wild" and their disciples. The two cities have thus become the historical museum of "Kano" Japanese painting.

The style of the generals is also shown in the garden of Nijo Castle. There are three gardens but two gardens, including the most famous Erzhimao Garden, Benmao Garden, and Qingliu Garden. The design of the garden is a Chinese-style design. It can be seen that Chinese culture in the Ming Dynasty still deeply influenced the Japanese central government.

The Sakura Garden in Nijo Castle can see the king of the cherry blossoms - Yae Sakura, which has always been the most prestigious cherry blossom sacred place. Standing on the ruins of the city wall and overlooking Nijo Castle, Japan has done a very good job in protecting cultural heritage. At first glance, it can not see the high modern architecture, and will not destroy the quaint beauty.
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