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Nurembergs main attractions are concentrated near the market square in the heart of the old town. Along the gravel road, around the square, you can enjoy beautiful churches, fountains, leisurely visits to various museums, and between half-timbered houses. Shuttle, discover the glory of Nuremberg in the most famous emperor castle. (1) The Church of Our Lady was built in 1352 and is located in the east of the Hauptmarkt. It is a Gothic Catholic church and was once the treasure house of King Charles IV. The ancient foyer and engraving on the west side of the church adds a lot to it. Above the foyer is the choir. The top clock is ringing at 12 o'clock every day, and the puppets dance with the bell. (2) Emperor Fort is Nuremberg's most iconic medieval building, located at the northern end of the Old Town. Nuremberg was a municipality under the sacred Roman Empire, and the emperors had lived here for a while, hence the name. There are three main attractions: the main body of the castle, Sham Tseng and Cinwell Tower, and a museum that introduces the history of the castle. If you are interested, you can check it out. (3) The main market square is located in the heart of Nuremberg's Old Town, the city's landmark Church of Our Lady and the fountain on the square, making it the first stop for most people to come to Nuremberg. In the 12th century, it was a settlement of Jews and was later transformed into a market square. During the Nazi Germany period, the annual imperial party congress was held in the square, accompanied by a grand military parade. (4) What interests me the most is the fountain of marriage life. The fountain of marriage life is based on the medieval German poetry. It depicts the process of love from your sorrow and finally to the plain. Sub scene. The expressions of the characters are exaggerated, and various animals are infiltrated, which is extremely interesting. I only took the last scene, which means that the road to marriage is actually the process of loving each other. Even if you start to love it at the beginning, the ending will not escape the appearance of Figure 9. Although it is not necessarily correct, it is indeed big. A portrayal of the majority.
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