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Spoiler spoilers. The first game: in the river continent. "Guan Guanyu, in the river of the continent. My lady, the gentleman is good." The screaming screams took us through the millennium and came to the beautiful charcoal river. The ancient poems were sung here, a group of girls Bissang grass and light dance. The young Wuwang and the beautiful Ninger are here to love and love each other.

Second: Charcoal Love. Under the instigation of his own self, the king of the king killed the brother of Wu Wang, and under the condition of the survival of Zhou Guo, he forced Wu Wang to cast the four sheep. In order to save the lover and the people of Zhou Guo, Ning Er gave a sacrifice to the husband, and staged a fascinating charcoal love.

The third game: dance. "Jiao Ruo Jiu Tian Xianzi, it is the Yin Shang dynasty fox." As the head of China's four great enchantress Ji, from the nine-tailed fox as a totem of the Su family. Because of the levy of the king, Su Shi gave his peerless beauty to himself. Since then, the king of the king has been fascinated by the five fans, and he has gone to the road of ruin. , ,

Session 5: Love in Ningxiang. The waters of the charcoal river have been flowing for three thousand years, and the stories of heroes and beauty are sung here. Truth, goodness and beauty, persistence and persistence, dedication and love, have affected the Ningxiang people from generation to generation. This is the hometown of legend, the hometown of Ninglang: Ningxiang
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However, all ancient millennium temples have a long history of humanity, and Changsha Ningxiang Temple is no exception. Miyin Temple, located at the foothills of Lushan Mountain in Ningxiang County, Changsha City, Hunan Province, under the Lulu Peak. It is the origin of the Yangzong, one of the five major Buddhist monasteries in China. Zen has the saying of "one flower and five leaves", and Yangzong is the head of the five leaves. Tang Xianzong Yuan and two years (that is, in 807 AD), Lingyou Zen Master came to Mount Lushan to open the Fa. In 847 AD, the Emperor Tang Xunzong Li, then Emperor Tang Xunzong Li, was appointed as the imperial judge of the Tang Dynasty. The Miyin Temple was established as the gate of the "Yinyin Temple". There are many stone pillars standing outside the gate of Mingyin Temple. The top of the stone pillar is the standing three-faced Guanyin, and the middle is the Guanyin statue. Guanyin Da Shi is kind and eye-catching and has insight into the world. The exterior wall of the beaded temple is full of solemnity of the holy place of Buddhism! Miyin Temple was founded over a thousand years, after the dynasty changed, many times encountered the fire, and then rebuilt many times. Existing. The building has a mountain gate, a main hall (wan Buddhist temple), a police policy hall, a Buddhist temple, a meditation hall, and a ancestral hall. The wan Buddhist Temple is the most famous building in the whole temple. There are nine feet in the high school, and the top of the mountain is heavy. There are 38 pillars inside and outside, all of which are white, granite and golden glazed tile roof. The wall bricks are high in size, and each brick is molded with a golden Buddha statue, a total of 12,988 statues, set in the four walls, the golden light in the temple, is one of the wonders of the world temple. The open-air Avalokitesvara statue is solemnly towering in the back mountain of the Miyin Temple. It is 99.19 meters high and is made of pure copper. It is a new representative building of the Miyin Temple. Traffic: Self-driving is more convenient.
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Recently, Changsha people always love to go to Ningxiang, because there is a performance in Ningxiang, called "Charcoal Love", an hour of 3,000 years, return to the Shang and Zhou dynasties, to see the West Zhou and Ningxiang have what relationship. The theater is located in the ancient city of Charcoal. It is also the place where the bronze wares of the four sheep were unearthed. Although the ancient town of Ningxiang did not belong to the Central Plains area, it was found that it was once the seat of the capital of a country in the Western Zhou Dynasty. . On the stage, at the end of the Shang Dynasty, the Shangyu Wang was cruel and violent, and he was enchanted by his own favor. The people lived in dire straits. Songcheng's series of performances of the ancient times are all deeply immersed in the local culture. Through a touching story to interpret history, plus stage stunts and actors' exquisite performances, it is impressive. A variety of difficult stunt scenes emerge in an endless stream, making people eye-opening, the audience applauded enthusiastically, tickets are still worth the price. The most beautiful Ning, the most beautiful one, is the highlight of the show. The love between Ning Yu and Zhou Wuwang runs through the performance and is the embodiment of truth, goodness and beauty. In the script of the stage, Zhou Wuwang was forced to offer the four sheep to the Shangyu Wangjin, which caused the laborers to suffer and the hardships. Ning Yu in order to save the people, jumped into the raging fire, and finally succeeded in casting the four sheep Fangzun, staged the charcoal love, the story is exciting.
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The ancient city of Charcoal, a living city of bronze former Ningxiang is still a small county, yellow wood is still a small town, I am afraid they will not think of it, many years later, with the renaissance of the national treasure Siyang Fangzun, The ancient city of Charcoal, which has been sleeping for three thousand years, wakes up again and tells us about the love and hatred of the children of China. Chahe Ancient City is located in Huangcai Town, Ningxiang, more than 90 kilometers away from Changsha. It is China's first weekly cultural theme park. Because Shang and Zhou is the source of Chinese civilization, Chinese civilization has entered the peak of Chinese culture because of bronze. Ningxiang is also known as the hometown of bronze wares in South China. The most famous one is Siyang Fangzun, which is also the lyrical object of Zhou Wuwangs wife. The origin of the ancient city of Charcoal originated from the excavation of Siyang Fangzun. 79 years ago, when the three brothers of Huangshi Township had planted sweet potatoes, they scooped out the "Four Sheeps". They never dreamed that the bronzes that had been sold for more than two hundred oceans at that time turned out to be the national treasures of the future. I don't know if it is a cluster effect. After Siyang Fangzun dug out, many batches of Shang and Zhou bronzes were unearthed in the surrounding and neighboring areas, and the Ningxiang bronze group was called by the archaeological community. Tickets: Adult tickets 200 yuan opening hours: 10
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