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Spoiler spoilers. The first game: in the river continent. "Guan Guanyu, in the river of the continent. My lady, the gentleman is good." The screaming screams took us through the millennium and came to the beautiful charcoal river. The ancient poems were sung here, a group of girls Bissang grass and light dance. The young Wuwang and the beautiful Ninger are here to love and love each other. Second: Charcoal Love. Under the instigation of his own self, the king of the king killed the brother of Wu Wang, and under the condition of the survival of Zhou Guo, he forced Wu Wang to cast the four sheep. In order to save the lover and the people of Zhou Guo, Ning Er gave a sacrifice to the husband, and staged a fascinating charcoal love. The third game: dance. "Jiao Ruo Jiu Tian Xianzi, it is the Yin Shang dynasty fox." As the head of China's four great enchantress Ji, from the nine-tailed fox as a totem of the Su family. Because of the levy of the king, Su Shi gave his peerless beauty to himself. Since then, the king of the king has been fascinated by the five fans, and he has gone to the road of ruin. , , Session 5: Love in Ningxiang. The waters of the charcoal river have been flowing for three thousand years, and the stories of heroes and beauty are sung here. Truth, goodness and beauty, persistence and persistence, dedication and love, have affected the Ningxiang people from generation to generation. This is the hometown of legend, the hometown of Ninglang: Ningxiang
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