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Located in the old English manor in Taichung, Taichung, the estate combines Gothic, Tudor and Baroque architectural features. The architecture, interior design, displays, history, etc. are all filled with a sense of nostalgia, Old England. Manor Afternoon Tea is also one of my expected trips on this trip. From Taichung chartered to Cingjing Farm, after going to the Qingqing grassland to play with the sheep, watching the blue sky and white clouds, then returning to Old England to drink a traditional English afternoon tea, a perfect trip.
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Sea, land and air experience feels the beauty of Sun Moon Lake I Sea tour (around the lake cruise) The first boarding point is generally Shuishe Pier and Ita Shao Pier. The cruise route can be routed to three terminals in both forward and reverse directions. Ships of the same fleet route can be freely boarded. If you want to make more stops at a certain station, you need to take the boat behind the same fleet to continue to the next terminal. However, the Shun and Reverse flights are not available because they belong to different fleets. Fare: Single 100 Taiwan dollars, the whole process is 300 Taiwan dollars, you can order the Sun Moon Lake good ticket in advance or buy at the owner of the hotel, the price is more suitable. : Before going to the Xuanguang Temple Pier, it will pass through Lalu Island. Taking Lalu Island as the boundary, Sun Moon Lake is divided into Suntan and Moon Lake. However, it was seriously damaged in the earthquake, and tourists have now been banned from going to the island. Xuanguang Temple Wharf: The three most popular piers, except for the three most important attractions of Sun Moon Lake: Xuanguang Temple, Xuanzang Temple, and Ci En Tower can all be visited from the pier. The most important thing is The most famous Apo Tea Egg in Sun Moon Lake and the stone engraved with Sun Moon Lake are also located here. It is recommended to go to visit first, and there will be fewer people after returning to the dock. Ida Shao Pier: This is a tribe inhabited by the Thao aborigines
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