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Mimo Chiu
Nanjing Pioneer Bookstore was once rated as the most beautiful bookstore in China by a US television station. This bookstore has no gorgeous appearance and exaggerated signboards, but is silently present in an underground parking lot transformed from a bomb shelter.
Pioneer Bookstore is a famous cultural card in Nanjing. In the past 18 years, Pioneer has explored a business model of cultural and creative brand bookstores with the theme of Academic, Cultural Salon, Coffee, Art Gallery, Film, Music, Creativity, Life, Fashion, etc., which has opened up a forum for readers to explore. , sharing the public platform.
작성일: 2018년 12월 15일
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Nancy. Tao
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Today is the soup palace of Woge Bali Original Villa Hot Spring Hotel. The most special thing is that the room has its own hot springs. You don't have to go to the hotel's public baths to crowd with everyone. You can quietly be in your own room. Enjoy the unique hot springs of Tangshan. At the check-in, the front desk clerk will hand in three bottles of different flavors of essential oils, which can be added to the hot springs according to your preferences, or applied to your body after the hot springs. Hot spring water needs to be placed by yourself. There is hot spring water supply from 12 noon to 12 pm. The layout of the Balinese-style facilities, the water flowing down the water outlet and falling into the marble hot spring pool. The real hot spring water expert can see that the skin of the whole body of the bathtub is like breathing. The small bubbles adhere to the surface of the skin, sucking away the dust on the journey, leaving only the comfort and joy. Drop a few drops of essential oil, and the fragrance will be overwhelming, and the hot springs will be refreshing. The fifteen-minute hot spring bath has completely relaxed my pores. The hot springs of the hot springs have made me sweaty, and I have to eat some fresh fruit to add some water. Just coming out of the hot spring pool, even my rough pores feel a lot more delicate. What is even more commendable is that there is a large floor-to-ceiling window next to the hot spring pool. It is just outside the setting sun. The gorgeous clouds on the horizon can't help but make me think. This situation can only be enjoyed here.
Lemon Zhao
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