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트립 모먼트

난징,추천 트립 모먼트
난징,추천 트립 모먼트
Steven Zhang
난징,추천 트립 모먼트
Say no, the body is very honest, Nanjing Hanbi Building and then punch!
About Hanbi House
Maybe many people have not heard of Hanbi House in the name of the hotel. Although this hotel is only available in some places, it is quite powerful! The earliest Hanbi Building was only available in Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. The original Hanbi Building was Chiang Kai-shek's palace. Later, it was changed to the current Hanbi House Hotel for various reasons.
"Sun Moon Ze Tan, pregnant all things; is the fifth line, turned into Han Bi. "From the earliest first to the present Nanjing Hanbi Building, each is a unique existence. This may be one of the reasons why Hanbilou is popular. ! Every time you punch in, you will feel different from the last time, and each time is a fresh experience.
Nanjing Hanbi Building
is already the second time, and it may be the third time to check in this hotel. Nanjing Hanbi Building did not feel the soil and water discomfort because of this historic city. The building built on the riverside by the hotel is like a river and a bridge.
Every time I come here, a new discovery, each time is more perfect than the last time, whether it is facilities or services, its no wonder that everyone has come to this place again and again, punching the city in Nanjing. This wonderful building is over.

Personally feel that Nanjing Hanbi Building should be the most comprehensive network red punch card point, right? ! Whether it is the hotel lobby, the room or even afternoon tea, you can take a photo! Although the hotel is still quite a lot of people, but because the lobby is still very empty, you can still take a very beautiful ins wind photo.
especially afternoon tea, so many sisters are admiring the coming for this afternoon tea to come to check out this hotel! The entire afternoon tea can be moved to the lawn outside the hotel, and the hotel will lay blankets, tables and cutlery for you. As long as you are responsible for the beauty and beauty, you can take a picture~
난징,추천 트립 모먼트
There is a very special restaurant in Nanjing. Do you know what the name is? I guess most people don't think of it in a five-star hotel. This is the dinner restaurant of Shangri-La Hotel, Nanjing, which has just been visited. It has a very playful name. The name is handsome.
handsome pot is translated from the dialect of Nanjing dialect, is the meaning of handsome guy. This dinner restaurant uses the name of Nanjing's colloquial vocabulary as its name. It is still rare in the country, at least in Nanjing. However, the environment of this handsome pot is very good. From the elevator exit to the restaurant, the first impression I gave was very distinctive, not only on the tall.
The people who saw the dinner at the restaurant were almost gone, so I chose the location I liked in such a spacious and quiet restaurant. The whole environment is very special. This midsummer dinner is at the Shangri-La Hotel in Nanjing. It feels good to eat.
Shuai Pot is a restaurant based on buffet hot pot. The restaurant has complete facilities and fresh ingredients. After all, it is close to the coastal area, so the seafood and seafood here are very fresh. The related accessories are also very good. It is good to eat hot pot in such a restaurant.
I like seafood and vegetarian dishes very much, so I will choose seafood foods for the first time. How can such fresh ingredients not be beaten?
Jiangnan's summer heat seems to be overwhelming. It is very good to eat a seafood, such as kelp, because kelp can not only reduce fire but also remove heat and garbage in the body, which is very suitable for modern people. edible.
This restaurant name is playful, the environment is very good, the most important thing is that the ingredients are very fresh, each dish is able to provoke people's tongue. Do you like such a restaurant? If you travel in the Jiangnan area, would you choose such a restaurant to spend the dinner?
Steven Zhang
난징,추천 트립 모먼트
Which is the most popular restaurant in Nanjing? Many people may not be too convinced that this is the Jiangnan Restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel, Nanjing. Although it belongs to a five-star hotel's affiliated restaurant, the restaurant is in an excellent environment, the quality of the dishes is high, and the chefs pay attention to it and are loved by many diners. The name of
Jiangnan stove is so poetic and artistic, giving the impression of an independent and professional restaurant in the restaurant. I think this restaurant must have spent a lot of energy to manage it.
maybe because of the popularity of Jiangnan stove, and the number of tables provided is in short supply, so many diners will often not be able to book a seat. Many people make appointments with the restaurant several days in advance to make reservations. seat. When Yamano entered the restaurant, it was already more than one o'clock in the afternoon, and there were so many diners.
Speaking of many people here, I have to ask, how is the per capita consumption of Jiangnan stove? As for the consumption is medium to upper, the price will not be very low, but it is a well-recognized restaurant with relative popularity, restaurant environment and ingredients. It is still a recommended restaurant.
The effort spent on each dish, Jiangnan stove can be said to be exhausted. Whether it's the freshness of the ingredients, the ingredients of the dishes, the color of the dishes, and the taste, they are as perfect as possible. This may be the biggest highlight of the restaurant.
There is also a special food to mention, that is Yangzhou fried rice, although this is Yangzhou fried rice, but it has been improved in Nanjing, and the Jiangnan stove restaurant has been improved again, so Jiangnan stove Yangzhou Fried rice can make you eat Yangzhou fried rice with different taste.
Steven Zhang
난징,추천 트립 모먼트
난징,추천 트립 모먼트
난징,추천 트립 모먼트
Autumn wind is not dry!
The night is quiet!
The lights are dim!
solitary far shadow!

Appreciate the guest on the pavilion, recalling last year's tour. When you are full, you have to move. The old-fashioned pavilion was "the first victory for Jinling", and the number was destroyed. At present, the buildings we have seen are reconstructed in eight years, continuing the Ming and Qing architectural styles of the Qinhuai scenery belt, the octagonal resting hilltops, and the gray tile roof. Can not help cause people to "think the ancient feelings."
In ancient times, Li Bai, Lu You, Xin Qiji, etc. all visited the scene, and wrote poems and lyrics, leaving many famous sentences. Due to the unique location of the Pavilion, the ancient scenery of the ancient Jinling City is full of beauty. The songs on the Qinhuai River are fascinating, and the eyes are pleasing to the eye.
Passing through the pavilion, looking up to see a bright moon, under the pavilion, on the bridge, on the other side, the night at the pavilion of the pavilion is full of brilliance. Why not take a cruise on the night view and enjoy the beautiful Qinhuai!

tips: The Reward Pavilion is located beside the Shuiximen Bridge. The Nanjing Tourist Line can be reached. You can also take the 13th Road of Nanjing Station and the 19th Road of Nanjing South Railway Station. Of course, if you have plenty of energy, walk along the coast of Qinhuai River and enjoy the several gate bridges after the lightening.

Come to Nanjing, a new point of view on the Qinhuai River. Each bridge is decorated with lights. Each section of the river along the river has ancient poems projected on the ground. This is the imprint of history, more like a change of stars, walking in Qinhuai. By the river, you will be more than a year long. After a year of renovation, the lights in the inner Qinhuai River section will be completed. You can take a cruise here or take the subway line 2, and Mochou Lake, Qingliang Mountain. , Wulongtan and other scenic spots are linked, now the night tour Qinhuai is not just the Confucius Temple section!

[tips] The Hanzhong Gate Bridge section can be reached via the Metro Line 2 to Hanzhongmen Station. Follow the road to the north to Qingliangmen and Shitoucheng Park. The southern section can go to Shuiximen and the Pavilion!
Milan Prince
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