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How to buy Japanese snacks? I have chosen for you!
What are the Japanese snacks worth buying? I am already helping you to choose
: Promise me! for sure! be sure! Go buy this shrimp slice! Its delicious! A bag of all kinds of seafood is made, crunchy can't stop! Different colors and shapes have different tastes, each piece is delicious! 40-70rmb
: I bought the black sugar flavor limited by Okinawa. If you like a certain part of brown sugar, don't miss it. It is a sweet honey sauce that tastes delicious! Hailao is a delicious seafood flavor~ 10-20rmb
corn kernels: It is said to be soy sauce flavor, in fact, the milk taste is also very heavy, a small pack is very enjoyable after eating, for me this corn enthusiast is very paying ! Forgot how much money but not expensive.
I dont know what to call, but this is really invincible. The first time I bought it in Tokyo, I bought it in a purple package. After eating a bag, I regretted not buying it. I saw the three big ones this time. Wrapped in a bag, there are all kinds of peanuts, Adou, and a small shrimp slice. 10-20rmb
kitkat: Not much to say that the variety is very delicious, but the favorite is still dark chocolate ~ 10-20rmb
cereal cereal is not much to say, because the heat is quite high, so This time I bought a whole grain and deceived myself. 50rmb

Finally, the following film, Okinawa, this place is quite good to buy something else that is not easy to buy, such as the Versailles mask, a whole row of casually ~ and rice and sake network red Try to buy the product~
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I feel that coming to the Netherlands not only enjoys the beauty of nature, but also allows me to see the unique local customs and splendid culture and art. The Dutch museum is undoubtedly a good place to showcase unique culture and splendid art. There are thousands of museums here, which is undoubtedly the highest density of museums. Many people will definitely go to the National Gallery in Amsterdam when they arrive in the Netherlands, but in fact many people will miss the really great Royal Museum of Moritz. The Moritz Art Museum in The Hague, home to most of the Dutch golden age masterpieces. Because of the international military courts, the Dutch believe that the Hague is actually relatively international. The Moritz Art Gallery is surrounded by a small ditch, with only one wall separating the water and the entrance floor of the museum. When I was down the stairs, I could just see the water flowing outside the open square window. I was almost ready to go to the window. I thought it was too hanging at first. I didnt know how to do it when I encountered the big water. I observed it for a long time. The window has the presence of glass. It is estimated that the outside water will not come in. The design is wonderful. The space in the pavilion is not too big. It was changed from the old building and has the feeling of an old gallery. The treasure of the town hall here is Vermeer's "Girl with Pearl Earrings". Although the work of the painter Vermeer is very small (probably dozens of pieces), the length is not large, but the victory is exquisite and delicate. In addition, Rembrandts work is sure to be indispensable. In addition to self-portraits, his famous Anatomy Lesson
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