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Nancy. Tao
The Shanghai Zoo was originally built in 1954. It was originally called Xijiao Park. It is a national-level large-scale zoo. It covers an area of 743,000 square meters. It has more than 400 kinds of animals for display and exhibits, and the building area for exhibiting animals is 47,237 square meters. It is one of the top ten zoos in China and the second largest city zoo in China. The existing area is about 74 hectares, and more than 6,000 rare and precious species of more than 6,000 species (heads) are displayed. Among them are the world-famous giant pandas known as the and the ,, and the rare wild animals such as the golden monkey, the South China tiger, the Chinese crocodile, and other representative animals such as gorillas, African lions, and giraffes. Kangaroo, South American, etc. There are nearly 600 kinds of trees and more than 100,000 trees planted in the park. In particular, there are 100,000 square meters of fresh and open lawns, which basically maintain the shape of the golf course 50 years ago. Every greening landscape in the park is combined with the ecological environment of the animals. Especially in the Swan Lake, the reeds outside the lake area, the trees are shaded, the groups of baboons, geese and so on often line up in the blue sky, the posture is beautiful and strong. In recent years, Shanghai Zoo has set up a city eco-zoo as its goal, and gradually transformed and built a visually accessible ecological animal exhibition area, so that visitors can feel like they are in nature and enjoy the beauty of wildness. tips: 1. Transportation: 10 line Shanghai Zoo Station bus line
작성일: 2019년 10월 1일
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