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Shirley Zhu
When you see the brown big bird house on the side of the road, Boshang Palace will arrive. If all the members of the family have been to Kyoto, such a densely populated city, then Nagami Palace does not have to come. Because it is a small shrine that can look to the end at a glance, the only feature is that it is located at the seaside, so it is called Boshang Palace. With the baby to come to the Japanese shrine, their favorite is definitely a hand-water house, no one. Therefore, if you are afraid that your child is bored with such religious attractions, it is not wrong to bring them to the hand-draw! Especially the hot place like Okinawa. In order to let Suyi come to the shrine more sense of participation, even the signing of this kind of thing let her personally go into battle. Anyway, its basically Ji, why are you happy? Suyi never asked for a sign, and she was serious about her face. It is estimated that the shrine is really a new and fun place. In the Boshang Palace, we asked for the last royal seal of our year, the Boshang Palace is relatively small, asking God to sign, buy the defensive, Yu Zhuyin are in the same window. There is no special mark on Yu Zhuyin. Everyone can directly hand the royal seal to the witch. In fact, although Boshang Palace looks inconspicuous, it is an ancient shrine with a history of more than 700 years, and it is the general guard of Okinawa. Ryukyu The dynasty era is also the highest in the eight major shrines that the palace pays special attention to, becoming the special shrine of the annual New Year kings. Now it also has the number of worshippers in Okinawa, making it a popular tourist attraction in Okinawa. The shrine is a kind of power that invisibly infects people's hearts. Even the ignorant children learn the big man's high-five, slap, and make a wish with both hands. There is a step from the entrance to Boshang Palace that leads directly to Boshang Palace Beach. Yes, Boshang Palace is such a quiet place to move. After visiting the shrine, go to the beach and play with water. This is really Okinawa. ! Sitting on the beach, the sun boy playing the guitar with the sea breeze, the literary atmosphere is full. This is an urban beach with no traditional coastline. No matter how you look at it, you can't avoid the cross-sea bridge behind it. Although it is not very good, the beach is smooth and the waves are clean and clear. The surrounding area is surrounded by warning lines and it is very safe to play.
작성일: 2019년 7월 5일
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