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Boshang Palace is built on the cliffs of coral reefs, overlooking the scenery of the sea. As the name suggests, the name of the palace is that when the waves rise, the distance seems to be above the waves. It is a very important shrine in Ryukyu. Since the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom, the incense has flourished and continues to this day. Even now, the people of Okinawa are on a major festival day, or encounter an important turning point in life, such as getting married and having children. When the exam is sick, they will come here to pray for a safe and amulet. Transportation: Boshang Palace is the most interesting cultural attraction in Naha City except for Shuri Castle. It is located 1km northwest of Okinawa City Hall Tickets: None Note: Wave In the palace, you can ask for a healthy and healthy character, as well as academic symbols, etc. Prices range from 300 yen to 1000 yen, and you can also draw lots. The price is 100 yen. If you get a bad sign, you can tie it to On the ropes of the shrine, seek shelter.
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