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Okinawa must punch card: How can I go to Shuri Castle to the Okinawa in the Sakura Castle Go to Okinawa from the 15th to the 19th century is the location of the capital of the Ryukyu Kingdom and the Royal Palace, the political and power of the Ryukyu Kingdom The center, which was destroyed four times, was last rebuilt in 1992. It seems that although the scale is not large, the land in Okinawa was already quite authoritative. The current Shuri Castle is a Tang Dynasty style building with replicas of the prototypes after the war. Shuri Castle is the palace building of the Ryukyu Kingdom. It was the place where the King handled state affairs, interviewed envoys and held important celebrations. It blended the architectural features of China, Japan and Ryukyu Island. The old castle has the North Palace, the South Palace, the Shuri Gate and many gates. The main hall can be photographed in order, and there are quite a lot of people visiting. It is recommended to go early~
작성일: 2019년 9월 16일
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