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트립 모먼트

나하,추천 트립 모먼트
The first stop of Okinawa, we came to the AEON shopping mall to open the buy, buy and buy model.
AEON is AEON Stores, a Hong Kong department store that is found in many places. Hong Kong's Jusco is mainly engaged in integrated shopping department stores and other retail stores, including supermarkets, discount stores, home plazas, convenience stores, department stores and so on.
Okinawa of Okinawa gathers all kinds of daily necessities including various food, clothing, home appliances and other products in Okinawa, as well as various specialty stores, shoes, bags, small accessories, etc., as well as restaurants and snacks. The street is also everything.
Girls, always love the clothes and bags, so we first came to the clothing area on the second floor. Japanese-style clothing is super attractive, and the price is very affordable. Compared to Tokyo, I think it is better to visit here.
After buying a few pieces of clothing, we came to the supermarket area on the first floor. It is so attractive to have a small shop selling flowers and a lovely bouquet. Japanese style hanging ornaments, fit the current festive atmosphere, you can buy one, hanging at home to decorate. Exquisite snacks are the characteristics of Japanese pastries, super high value, even if the price is high, people can't help but want to pick up their hands. The
food area sells a wide range of daily foods. Although we are tourists, we can't help but enjoy it like a local.
Most of the public facilities in Japan are automated, even the supermarket checkout is automated, and packaging is also a do-it-yourself.
Rachel Yu
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