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In the fourth year of the Qing Dynasty (1599), the 26th generation of the Matsushiro, the predecessor of the prefecture, was built on the basis of the Japanese prison city of Kameokayama. After the Battle of the Guanyuan War, Songpu Township, who was close to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, was the suspicion of eliminating Tokugawa Ieyasu and took the initiative to burn the Hirado. Thus, the territory of Songpu's 61,000 stone was preserved. Because the location here is Hirado-cho, the former residential area is here, and the Imperial City is on the hill opposite the sea. When the car came over, passing through the bridge, a veritable monument, from here you can see a Western-style building, and then go forward, across the road is the entrance to the town of Hirado, the shadow of the tree.
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