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On the streets of Nagasaki, you can feel Chinese culture everywhere, such as pork bags and simmered steamed buns sold in street shops, which are from Chinese food. Nagasaki also has a form of cuisine that has a strong relationship with Chinese culture, namely table dishes. Different from the traditional Japanese meal system, table-top dishes are around a round table. Everyone uses chopsticks to divide the dishes on the plate, just like we usually eat Chinese food. We have targeted an old brand and won. This noon is a fixed meal. In the hall, for the convenience of a small number of meals, a small table is used, and the dishes are served in a beautiful paint box. The red lacquer table and food box are particularly beautiful in color, making people very appetizing. There are sashimi, five-color cold dishes, horny soup and soup in the diet. In particular, it is the braised pork that we have to say. It must be a five-flowered and three-layered skin with a skin. It plays an important role in the table dish. Almost every store offers its own recipes.
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Out of the island's revetment, the river is taking us back to the Edo period Chinatown because there are so many people, we didn't go back for a long time and then returned to the original drop-off point, but found a beautiful place nearby - out of the island The revetment, this is what I imagined in Japan. The ancient buildings of the Edo period were lined up along the river, and they were so beautiful. The island on the map indicated by the above chart is the only window for Japan's external relations during a period of a fan-shaped artificial island in Nagasaki Port, and during the mid-17th century to the 19th century. Walking on the streets of the island, sometimes the feeling of light back. The sea around the island, and later because the urban transformation was filled, leaving only a curved river, it became what we saw. There are many European-style buildings left by the Dutch at the time. After reconstruction, the houses on the artificial islands were reopened to tourists, providing a good historical overview of the life of the 15th century Nagasaki people. The miniature model of the island is also displayed in the remains of the Dutch islands. The model is made by reducing the island before the reclamation in 1904 to one-fifth. The river is long, the white wall and black tile unique to the Edo period, with the distinctive mark of that era. Although this is a place that is easily overlooked, it does not prevent us from staying away from the crowd, stopping and walking here, enjoying the rare quiet and slow pace of this trip.
Shirley Zhu
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