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Who is not willing to see the most beautiful scenery in the most beautiful years, leaving the most beautiful posture, imprinting the most beautiful time...
This is the northernmost part of China, the most beautiful town of Arctic Village in Daxinganling, across from Heilongjiang is Russia. The northeast style of Swiss scenery, the Eastern style of pastoral aesthetics, the Nordic aristocratic tone perfectly blends. Try to splicing how much, because one is not willing to miss. Thank you for taking such a beautiful trip to the ice god, and the Simplee vacation women who provided me with a beautiful dress.
작성일: 2019년 1월 8일
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The scenery of the nine bends and eighteen bends is very magnificent, which can deeply understand the wild beauty of the Daxinganling area. Unfortunately, it can only stand on the viewing platform and the tickets are expensive. After leaving the nine bends and eighteen bends, we went to a nearby wetland park where there were few tourists and the scenery was not bad at all. There are a lot of birch trees along the road, and you can see the frozen river surface along the path. The frozen river is covered with a layer of hoarding snow, shining in the sunlight with colorful light, walking on it, like a dream. Basically all natural scenery, tickets are charged 50 yuan. The scenery is beautiful, I think it is worth it. There are almost no people in the wetland park, which adds the color of the original forest and the opportunity to get close to nature. I want to breathe fresh air, which is very suitable. Because the people are few, the scenery is the purest and pollution-free. The green grass in the creek wants to catch it and bring it back. In addition to the winter, the nine-curve eighteen bends, the Mohe River in September, is a better experience. The nine songs and eighteen bends are as picturesque as poetry and beautiful scenery. I really dont know, Im surprised. To tell the truth, the beauty here is more than many traditional scenic spots in China, but the reputation here is not big, and the itinerary is not very convenient. The entire park's plank road is not long, just a small circle that is not very large. It takes less than forty minutes to take a photo. It may be due to factors such as the physical strength of the tourists and the itinerary. It would be better if the park was widened again, and the scenery did not look enough, and it was reluctant.
모허,추천 트립 모먼트
모허,추천 트립 모먼트
Hunan Satellite TV "Daily Up" recorded the program in Mohe, Mango Taiwan's head of the small flower Dan Shen Mengchen, a group of microblog photos exposed the shooting destination, Arctic Village. Liang Tian, Liu Xiaoyu, and Meng Mengjia were also seen in the Arctic Village. It seems that Beijing is too hot, and even the stars have gone to escape the heat. Where is the Arctic Village? It is located in Mohe Township, Mohe City, Daxing'anling District, Heilongjiang Province, and is also the northernmost town in China. It is the best place for China to observe the Northern Lights. Hunan Xiaohua Dan Shen Mengchen has exposed his personal photos in the Arctic Village. Netizens said that it is much better than the TV. We all know that the farther north, the lower the temperature, so that the Arctic Village has become a summer resort for many tourists. Summer and winter are the best seasons for Arctic village tourism. Compared to winter, it is not so cold, because winter is really too cold. It is normal for minus 45 degrees. In the summer arctic village, the weather is just right, 10 to 20 degrees during the day, the night is cooler, the jacket is ready, the mosquitoes here are exceptionally powerful, if they are bitten, they will swollen a big bag. . Wandering in the Arctic Village of Mohe in the Daxinganling area, the lake reflects the scenery of the river bank, just like being in a small village that has not yet been developed. What is the main thing to play in the Arctic Village? There is no industrial pollution, the air is extraordinarily fresh, and the reinforced concrete of the big city has escaped, without the noise of the car. The northernmost city in China, the Arctic Village, I finally found the North. Netizens lamented, no wonder, even Hunan Satellite TV's every day, Shen Mengchen, Liang Tian, Liu Xiaoyu, and Meng Mengjia all ran here to shoot, while recording the festival
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