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Sorry loves travelling
If you are confused about the future, it is better to go north in the New Year's Eve. The northernmost post office, the northernmost landmark... maybe find the north to find the direction! During this period, it is possible to see the Northern Lights. It is definitely a must for life! Some people say that they have to go to Mohe 2 times in a lifetime, 1 time in the summer and 1 winter, to feel the longest day and the longest in China. Dark night. Mohe is located at the northernmost tip of China. It is 20 hours long in summer, and Mohe in winter has the longest night in China. It welcomes the sunrise at 7:00 am and the sunset at 3:30 in the afternoon. The temperature during the day is minus 30 ° C, and at night it is minus 40 ° C. The biggest fun is to splash water into ice before sunset. The shocking scene must be the most exciting part of the memory.
작성일: 2018년 12월 23일
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