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There is a Christmas village in Mohe, Harbin, China. The Arctic Christmas Village is located 22 kilometers east of the Arctic Village, which echoes the Arctic Finnish Christmas Village. In the Christmas Village you can see Santa Claus House, Christmas Post Office, Santa Claus Square, Children's Fairy Tale World, Snow White Paradise, Seven Dwarf Treasure House, Reindeer Park and other attractions. There is a pure Santa Claus from Rovaniemi, Finland. You can take a photo with him. He is very lively and it is very possible to be teased by him. China's exclusive Christmas Post Office, it is wonderful to send a Christmas greeting to your good friends from here. Listen to the Christmas music, join the Santa Claus in the fairy-tale world of ice and snow, experience the original Christmas culture, enjoy the romantic Christmas without leaving the country, and there are ski resorts, Here you can roll in the snow, relax and have fun. You can experience the exotic Christmas atmosphere without going abroad.
작성일: 2018년 12월 6일
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