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Winter Mohe is still very cold. It is good to wear more clothes. The city is very warm and the heating in the car is very good. You must wear a hat and gloves to keep warm when you go out. The distance of each attraction is not long, and it will be a while in the car with the interesting driver. The schedule is very flexible and the play is not too tired. Mohe's innocent blue is very beautiful. In the Daxinganling Mountains in winter, there is a kind of lonely and lonely beauty. There are white birch forests everywhere, and there is a lot of white snow everywhere. The river is frozen, and the shoes should be worn with anti-slip function. Itinerary recommendation [Mohe 3 days 2 nights classic route recommendation] Day1. Mohe pick up plane or train--Jiuqu 18 bend--Baihualin--63 Bridge--Beihong Village (Check in ); Day2. Beihong Village--Marathon Sleigh--Longjiang First Bay--Wusuli Shoal--Ewenk Reindeer Park--Arctic Village (check-in); Day3. Arctic Village-- Tour in the Arctic Village--North Star Plaza--Songyuan Park--5.6 Fire Memorial Hall--Mohe Station.
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