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This is a very strange name, read cun, it has the meaning of cooking and cooking. The village was first of all a group of soldiers and their families in the Ming Dynasty. After this, they gradually settled down and settled here. Most of the descendants were surnamed Han. Like other ancient towns and ancient villages, it is now necessary to collect tickets. The village is built along the mountain, and most of the building materials are local stone materials that are locally sourced. The well-known film "The Name of the Cast" is the filming here. The location of the cottage and the knot are all here, and it is because of this movie that the village can enter people's field of vision. Into the village under the bottom of the village, it is a very old gray wall, a big slogan above, a complete courtyard of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, even the courtyard in Beijing city will be inferior to it, like history Friends can enjoy a visual feast, the beautiful door is really attractive, if you happen to learn art, or you are learning architecture, then this lovely and beautiful door and shadow wall is your learning material. The village of Loudi is the first time that China has discovered a relatively complete mountain village complex.
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Xijing West Road Jingxi Ancient Road, not a single route, it is like a large network horizontally in the Mentougou District of Beijing, the road is many and long, these ancient roads mainly have commercial roads, military roads, incense roads, they are interoperable. Among them, the commercial roads have the most historical relics, and after a few hundred years of history, they have shown their disillusionment, and the ancient charm is still there. You can choose a short walk on your own, and the scenery is beautiful. In the valley of the spring waters, there is now a crystal clear icicle hanging upside down. The rivers that have been flowing in the past have now condensed into a continuous "silk" dancing in the mountains. There is a wide and magnificent ice waterfall hanging high above the cliff. Under the yellow grass, everything seems so devastating, and it is hard to sigh the wonders of nature. The ice of the tank knot combines with the unfrozen water to mirror the large and small waterfalls in the valley. The waterfall is like a solid art, waiting for the visitors to appreciate. They either solidify into a stupa of stupa, or calm down into a sharp sword, or bloom like a lotus flower, making people look intent. The tens of meters high waterfall is steep and vertical, and the layers of jade carvings stay on the cliffs. It is like a jade Buddha with ice and clear jade. Although the scenery is picturesque, there is no artificial carving. Walking in this snow and ice world, the heart is filled with joy.
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