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Question 1: How many rainbow hut are there? Question 2: How much is the Rainbow Cabin? Its a beautiful thing to come to Melbournes Brighton Beach on a sunny morning. The fresh wind is gently smothered with a little salty taste. This piece is Melbournes rich. The people's area and the seaside are all rows of sea-facing small villas. It is said that Nicole Kidman also has properties here. The early Melbourneers are running here, and the shirtless muscle guys are practicing here. Well, he is actually practicing some kind of performance. Many strategies will use the words "fairy tale" and "dream" to describe this row of colorful rainbow huts. In fact, this is a symbol of authentic wealth, in the wealthy area of the beach. There is such a wooden house that is proof of identity and glory - it seems to be true. The fairy tale is not a prince or a princess, but all of them are rich masters. The wooden houses used to store surfboards, water supplies and dressings were exactly the same, so Ma Daha often went to the wrong room. In order to distinguish, everyone began to paint more color, and marked the house number, and eventually became like this. , yes, back to the beginning of the question - I don't really have a number of wooden houses, as for the price - it is said that in the past few years, a wooden house sold for 320,000 Australian dollars, about A total of 1.5 million yuan, an average of one square meter of cabins worth about 50,000 Australian dollars.
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