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추천 트립 모먼트
로스앤젤레스,추천 트립 모먼트
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LA 최애 PICK #베니스비치#베니스운하#venice
로스앤젤레스,추천 트립 모먼트
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Hollywood Hollywood, this Los Angeles-in-a-kind zone. This is the affluent area of Los Angeles, which is known around the world for its world-class film companies such as Universal, Paramount, DreamWorks, Disney, Warner, 20th Century Fox, and Columbia. In this star-studded place, Oscar's award-winning holy place. Some people say that if you walk in this area, you will always encounter a big name if you are lucky. [Hollywood Universal Studios] Hollywood movies combined with advanced special effects to create the world's top rides with cutting-edge technology. Popular projects Jurassic Park, Mummy Revenge Roller Coaster and Transformers... The most distinctive feature is the cinema tour, which takes visitors through real Hollywood film studios to experience special scenes such as air crashes, floods, explosions, etc. The shooting process. [Hollywood Walk of Fame] The Avenue of Stars with more than 2,500 celebrity stars. Built in 1958, it is a sidewalk that stretches along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in the United States, and is a famous cultural and historical landmark in Los Angeles. Here you can find handprints and signatures that like stars. There are various shops, theaters, and many street performers on the Avenue of Stars. You will also see role-playing in many movies. There will also be special performances during the New Year's Eve. Arrival: Bus take the 212, 217, 312 and get off at the Hollywood / Highland station. Take the red line subway and get off at Universal City Station. It is not far from the station and there is a free shuttle bus.
로스앤젤레스,추천 트립 모먼트
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Los Angeles LOS ANGELES There are many people coming to the United States to transfer in Los Angeles. The transfer time is very abundant and they are not willing to stay in the hotel. LA Red Wall is your best choice. Transportation: It takes about 40 minutes to get a taxi from the airport to the city. You can use the Internet car uber or lyft Location: The red wall is actually the outer wall of each tide shop, so it is scattered and concentrated. In the Melrose Avenue area, the exact point is actually on a street, scattered on both sides of the road. If you want to navigate, it is recommended to search for the store "Paul smith" and start shooting as a starting point. Shooting point 1, paul smith powder wall will be better in the afternoon, but the shadow is a lot, if there are many people, it is recommended to shoot at the right corner of the main entrance, and the main door can not use SLR, only Mobile phone. 2, Figure 8 is opposite the powder wall, you can punch the card 3, continue to walk along the street, carefully observe the two sides of the road you can find a variety of net red wall. The one with the wings is especially noticeable because it is on a very short wall. I only took a small part of it. There are still a lot of good-looking wall time relationships that I can't take. I can only wait for everyone to discover. There is a lot of American street fashion in the whole block, and the hip-hop culture is very rich.
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