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추천 트립 모먼트
룽성,추천 트립 모먼트
Longji terraces is as clear as the terrace itself, with different charms throughout the year. The best season is the irrigation in May and the season before harvest in September-October. about traffic -Longji special line car 1 departure point 1: Xiangjiang Hotel near Guilin Station (price 25 yuan) 2 departure point 2: Guilin North Station Next to the bus station (fare 40 yuan) 3 departure point three: Guilin West Station (fare 40 yuan) large holidays may increase a little price. Near the visitor center of Longji, there will be diversion, and tourists who live in Dazhai/Xiaozhai will be diverted here. The cost of the diverted shuttle bus is included in the special line. If you do not inform the driver of the arrival of the stockade in advance, you may be taken as a day trip to the visitor center to take the cable car, you have to carpool to the stockade. It should be noted that it is recommended to book the hotel in advance, consult the hotel arrival method, let the hotel help the car, cheaper than the Internet, and will tell you the most accurate way to get there, do not take the road to spend money. About the ticket 80 yuan/person, the on-site ticket purchase is the same as the online price. The Longji terraces can be divided into four concentrated villages: Xiaozhai Hongyao terraced fields, Jinkeng Hongyao terraced fields (Dazhai), Pingan Zhuang terraces, and Longji ancient Zhuangzhai terraces. The ticket office is outside the village. After buying the ticket, there are 3 other villages in Dazhai and Xiaozhai. If you are driving, you can go to the four villages as long as you dont have a door. Notes 1, the mountain road twists and turns, the motion sickness is prepared in advance for anti-halation. 2, the goods on the mountain store are all manpower or scorpion back, plus the scenic area, so the price is higher, reference: a bottle of water 5 yuan. 3, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, you must remember to bring a thin coat. 4, don't bring your suitcase, don't bring your suitcase, don't bring your suitcase! ! Take Tiantou Village as an example, because from the Tiantouzhaikou to the various inns, you can only walk on foot. There are two ways to handle the baggage. One is to store the donkey, only the necessities, 30 yuan a password cabinet; The second is to spend money to hire people to carry the inn, 20-inch small box 30 yuan, according to distance and weight prices will also change. About accommodation : No.1 is suitable for watching the sunrise near Taitai, so it is recommended to stay here as much as possible. Recommend two hotels, respectively: (preferred hotel, you can watch the sunrise directly in the landscape room, there is no cover, whether it is at the hotel or the distance to the various landscape stations, Very suitable) panoramic floor (the view is superb, but the way of arrival is extremely painful, because you have to climb to the highest landscape station, and carry luggage, especially to other viewing platforms.) Food recommendation bamboo rice cooker and bamboo tube chicken, Lo Han Guo water.
룽성,추천 트립 모먼트
The hiking trails of the Longji terraces are still very well repaired. Those who don't like to take the cable car can choose to climb the mountain and climb to the highest observation platform. This road is very long. It takes about an hour to climb up. If you usually have less time to climb the mountain, it will take two or three hours to go back and forth. There are many viewing platforms on the road. According to your physical strength, do you want to continue to climb? I chose a viewing platform where the field of vision was good enough to stop. It may also be because there are small planes, people are lazy. Facts have proved that this angle is also very invincible. Look at the terraces to see the mountains and see the houses, do not have a taste. Longji terraces are terraces developed on Longji Mountain. They are called Longsheng Terraces in a broad sense and Longji Terraces in the narrow sense. The terraces are like chains, and they surround a mountain with a huge snail. Some are half-folded and half-open like a giant fan. They are slanted into a long and narrow fan. Some are divided like a celestial mirror, and then layered. Inlaid into a variety of graphic pieces, in this vast square, the path is long, lingering in the terraces of the ups and downs, fluttering into a string, and the Longji Zhuang folk songs lingering over it It became a cloud of smoke; the Zhuang who was swayed by the water and the cloud, and the Zhuang who was smashed by the shadows of the cloud, became the imperial palace. The aerial picture is invincible from the perspective of God! This kind of sense of the ladder, this spatial structure and distribution, is a bit different from the human world. Are those people living in the community living in this fairyland for generations?
룽성,추천 트립 모먼트
This time I went to Dazhai terraces. In fact, there is also a small village terrace. It is said that it has not been developed yet. The facilities such as the inn are not perfect... We are setting the view near the No. 1 point. The building, close to the high-rise atmosphere, is close to the highest point, mainly for the convenience of watching the next day. There are narrow dirt roads and stone roads on the mountain. I dont know anyone. When I meet more friends, the security feeling can still rise. Just, the choice of forks cannot be correct forever. Soon, wrong way, lost the road, and after several wrong roads, began to call for help to the innkeeper, but the mountain road with no landmarks is also unclear. The boss suggested that we return, how can we die, and met again. The two Hong Kong tourists took the wrong road because the sky was dark and gave up. They gave a group of unwilling people to say their wrong way, delete some distracting items, and move on. The mistake can never happen only once, remember How many times have you gone wrong, and you have met a new lost friend who has lost his way back to China. Under our command, we set foot on the sunset to see the sunset. In the place closer to the sun, we finally saw the return from the third point. The partner, suddenly had the impulse to run away from tears. In this way, looking at the watch all the way, I finally saw the kindly smile before the sun set, and deeply and kindly stroking the volcanic terraces, the fatigue has become a kind of numbness. Perception. At this point, the locals must lead the way, otherwise they will be lost in the path of the forest.
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