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Metro to Aldgate East station, within walking distance. East London very famous graffiti art, the good would have heard of this place. East London was once seen as a filthy, Longshehunza, high crime dark place since cutting-edge artists stationed, this place became a gathering place for people of avant-garde fashion, just like West London and styles. Beginning to Brick Lane in London is directed at the full wall of graffiti in this place. Guangzhao to indulge in a variety of flea markets and secondhand stores. Here the Raiders do not have to do anything. He walked to discover surprises, the appearance of the building blocks are all artists canvas, with a variety of beautiful, brain graffiti hole wide open, it is an excellent place to take pictures. There are dozens of vintage clothing second-hand shop. If you want a pair of shoes or the ever-popular worn leather jacket, this will be your best choice in London. Some street artists will collaborate with advertisers, with their art to make money, of course, depends on the style, some street art style is delicate for the public to accept, but there is some favorite was the public. 东伦敦非常有名的涂鸦艺术之地,好早就听过这块地方。曾经的东伦敦被看作是脏乱不堪,龙蛇混杂,高犯罪率的黑暗之地,自从新锐艺术家们进驻,这个地方变成了时髦前卫人士聚集地,俨然和西伦敦风格迥异。 其实有的街头艺术家也会与广告商合作,用自己的艺术赚钱,当然也取决风格,有些街头艺术风格很难为大众接受,而有一些却被大众喜爱 这里有几十家复古服装的二手店,如果你想要一双曾经流行的鞋子或者磨损的皮夹克,这里将会是您在伦敦的最佳选择。 搭乘地铁至Aldgate East站,步行可到。
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