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The restaurants at Puyang Meilu Resort have unique local flavors, using the freshest ingredients, less oil and less MSG, and quite healthy. I haven't returned to my hometown for a long time. I stayed in the United States for two days and I had a long-lost hometown food. I felt super happy. Speaking of Fuyang's specialties, there are actually quite a lot of white celery, pumpkin vines, casserole fish heads, seasonal dishes every season, Yan Lai also on the tip of China, the United States to do these dishes Very good, delicious, can't help. The restaurant's dishes are full of color and flavor, and the breakfast buffet is also remarkable, just forgot to take pictures. The small river prawn is also a local characteristic. According to the geographical location of Fuyang, the river is fresh and the lake is not bad. Drink a bowl of the most famous Tianmu Lake fish head soup, taste a special Umi rice, the happiest taste in the world, is the taste of this hometown. In the future, I have to come back often. After all, I love this world between mountains and mountains.
작성일: 2018년 12월 17일
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## The garden design really does not live up to it "home away from home"
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On weekends, my friends went to Changzhou Tianmu Lake to play. Tianmu Lake has been visited many times, but every time I feel that it is very beautiful, the landscape is picturesque, the scenery is picturesque, the air is fresh and full of green, it is suitable for life, and I cant help myself in my mind. I will come to live here one day, carefree and free. Tianmu Lake is located in the historical city of Fuyang, the historic city of Jiangsu, at the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. It is known as the Jiangnan Pearl. The landscape garden is the core scenic spot of Tianmu Lake. The essence of poetic Tiancheng is natural scenery and artificial The embellishment complements each other, with attractions such as Cixiao Cultural Park, Zhuangyuan Cultural District, Qishi Pavilion, Elven Country, Colorful Butterfly Valley, and China Tea Island. Tianmu Lake is surrounded by mountains and waters, and the waves are rippling. The islands in the lake are scattered and the lakes are winding and winding. The mountains and rivers and the waters reflect the mountains. On the boating lake, the mountain is full of water, Songtao is competing, the bird is flying, and you will enter the wonderful journey of dreaming wonderland. Cruise is a classic project to visit Tianmu Lake, it is very enjoyable. In addition to play, the head of the Tianmu Lake is definitely not to be missed. The taste is very delicious, and the Chinese geese on the tip of the tongue are the natural flavors that people who have lived in the city for a long time.
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