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Divided to the Island Island Aquarium, I heard that such a small island and an aquarium are also very magical. I went to know that this is a sea area, and I took a passage at the sea to let everyone watch the animals. The animals inside are really living in the sea, so I think it is very good. Although it is a bit simpler than other tall aquariums, there are many animals inside, including seals, dolphins, whale sharks and pelicans. Wait, living in the sea is equivalent to the wild. There are regular dolphin shows here, and we caught up with one of them. The sea lions are rolling around in the water at the entrance, and they are very cute. See the dolphin show! The project has a comparative basis, including jumping hula hoops, topping the ball, team performances, and the venue is relatively small. Instead, they can feel their sense of freedom more closely, and the animal trainer expertly guides them. I want to say that at a very young age, the animal trainer in the aquarium is my dream lover because they usually take special care of the children, and when they train the animals seriously, the gestures are generally super handsome, with animals. People who can live in harmony must be very attractive. Ah, I have been watching these animal trainers with the stars, wondering which ones are more handsome, and I have not seriously watched the performance... After the dolphin show is a sea lion show Unlike the flexible dolphin, the sea lion is twisted and twisted, and it looks like a man.
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