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As one of the more popular snow-seeking areas around Chengdu, Bi-Ping is the first choice for many self-driving enthusiasts on weekend trips. is divided into three sections, the first section of the bus to and from Shanghai, 30 minutes one way, the second section is the battery car (Shanghai Zi - Zhuoma, Tanyang Lake - Yanziyan) recommended to go up the mountain, Return on foot so you don't miss any attractions. The first stop of Longwanghai is one of the 100 best viewpoints in Sichuan. Under the sun, the lake is sparkling and reflects the colorful colors. The winter lake has a geometric shape of ice, which makes people love it. Yangyang Lake is also a typical mountain lake. This area is called Yangyang Lake because of its frequent activities. It also has a forest paradise with wooden rafts and swings. Taking pictures is a good choice. Because the snow water is constantly scouring, the formation of a river stream that forms a river like a half moon is formed, so it is called Moon Bay. Swallow Rock Cave, which is backed by Siguniang Mountain, the meadows of the sights are very wide, where you can enjoy the magnificent snow mountains. Zhuomahu is suitable for watching the sunset. A lake and a clear water are like the beautiful girl Zhuoma. The lake's dense original coniferous forest is golden under the sunlight, but she is gorgeous. Storage. Bipenggou has a large area of red rock beach. The red material like rust is actually a kind of special red algae. They can only survive in places with good air quality. Bibenggou in winter, such as the depths of the mountains, the original and peaceful, is a good place to feel the charm of nature.
작성일: 2018년 12월 29일
Ranch, a place like a fairyland, pure dry goods! Before going to Chengdu, I would like to go to the floating cloud pasture that I must go to. I cant wait to see the beauty of the online po! Unfortunately, when we went to the fog, the weather has been bad, and it took a day to finally clear, it is recommended to stay for one night! The room is too hot now, it is scheduled to go to October, and the peak season is scheduled at least three months in advance! Traffic trip strategy: Chengdu to the hotel, 3.0-3.5 hours drive. The whole journey is 170 kilometers, including 130 kilometers for high speed (1.5 hours), 20 kilometers for national roads (0.5 hours) and 20 kilometers for mountain roads (1.0 hours required). On the mountain road, the road surface is relatively flat, but there are many corners, and some road sections need the wrong car. drive carefully. It is open throughout the year and there are showers in September/October. For foreign guests, you can choose to fly directly to Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. Drops and windmills go straight to Taoping Village. Then, you can arrange for a chartered car to go up the mountain. Route: Chengdu-(Chengguan Expressway & Duwen Expressway)-Wenchuan-(Rixian direction)-Taoping Village (3 km away, turn right/about 19 km Shangshan Road) - Fuyun Ranch (Tonghua) After the township Xishan Village) to Taoping Village, there are guide signs along the way, please pay attention. Accommodation: Holiday villas, star camps, is a good choice. Elevation Tip: 2600 meters to 2800 meters in the floating cloud ranch, 3550 meters what to eat in the White Sky Temple: There is a panoramic western restaurant with excellent scenery, and the beautiful afternoon clouds!
작성일: 2019년 3월 2일
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