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The small town of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, hidden in a small town in the valley. There are 73 large and small waterfalls in the valley, so it is also known as the waterfall town. Walking along the canyon, you can explore the beautiful scenery along the way and pass the waterfall. There are farms on both sides of the road, and cattle and flocks can be seen everywhere. Staubach Falls This waterfall is also a symbol of the town, and will follow the signs and arrive soon. Trummelbach Falls This waterfall group is located in the peak of the monks, hidden behind the boulders. This attraction is chargeable, about 11 Swiss francs. From the town, the normal walking distance is about 40-50 minutes. It will arrive along the canyon, but because the scenery is so beautiful, we stop and pat on the road. It took an hour and a half, and it was closed at about five o'clock. Later we took the bus back directly to the town to return to Interlaken. All the way to the scenery is enough for us to nostalgia, we also found our love mountain, as long as you find love, love is everywhere. How to reach: Lauterbrunnen is the station of Xuelangfeng. Interlaken Ost (train) - Lauterbrunnen (cable car) - Gruetschalp (cog railway train) - Murren (cable car) - Sherron Peak
작성일: 2018년 12월 21일
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