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Travel | Per capita 200 in Beijing, ins wind forest chalet Recently found a Beijing ins wind bed and breakfast, only one hour from Beijing, it is very convenient to get off work on Friday ~ B&B is located in the Linqi Valley Forest Hot Spring Resort in Langfang, Hebei. I saw the wooden house in the deep woods before I was very attracted to me. I took the helper to spend a weekend holiday. Linqi Valley Forest Hot Spring Resort is located in Hebei's largest plain man-made forest and is known as the 10,000-mu forest. After the check-in, the staff used the battery to carry us to the booked wooden house, and breathed the fresh air in the woods along the way, and the mood was relieved. The villa we stayed in was a Nordic-style green wooden house. It looks like an ins wind from the outside. The independent small courtyard is also very elegant. There is a beautiful pine tree in the corner of the yard. It suddenly feels like winter. When snow falls, it is very romantic to invite friends to come here for Christmas! The layout of the wooden house is beyond our imagination. The two-storey loft with all-wood structure is warm and comfortable. The first floor is a one-bedroom, one-bedroom, one-bathroom design, and the second floor is another bedroom. The whole villa can accommodate four people, suitable for family or family. The overall style of the house is also very sensible. Just like the wooden houses in the Nordic forests seen on the ins, returning to the embrace of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, only the crisp birds in the woods are heard. sound. There are more than one forest huts in the forest valley, as well as special holiday projects such as hot springs, forest flowers, forest restaurants, forest children's parks and tent camps. Diffuse life, dream forest is the theme here. Come here and enjoy the gift of nature! Summer vacations are sure to have water recreation. There are public swimming pools and hot springs in the resort. The tree hot springs built on top of the woods should not be missed! There is also a very large artificial lake in the resort. The lake is reeds and the lotus is blooming. We rented a tandem bicycle at the front desk and rode around the lake to enjoy the romance of a two-person world date. Staying in the forest chalet villa, in the morning there will be staff to send breakfast to the room, don't forget to confirm the breakfast time when checking in. There is no restaurant in the resort now, if you want to have dinner, you need to go to the restaurant outside the resort. B&B name: Linqi Valley Forest Hot Spring Resort B&B Address: Hancun Town, Yongqing County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, 1 hour drive chalet price in Beijing City: 888 on weekdays, 1680 on weekends Yuan; July to Sunday special price 458 yuan, weekend 1680 yuan.
작성일: 2019년 7월 24일
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