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쿤산,추천 트립 모먼트
쿤산,추천 트립 모먼트
Located at the shore of Yangcheng Lake, Fairmont Yangcheng Lake Kunshan is a beautiful place for vacation, family and family travel. Whether you are driving by car or taking the high-speed rail, the hotel is only a 5-minute drive from the high-speed rail Yangcheng Lake Station. The exterior of the hotel is very low-key. The eight-storey building is fanned open against the lake. A fisherman's statue on the boat vividly reflects the portrayal of the local people's life. It is very interesting. The room is open and spacious, with a relaxed atmosphere. The design is simple and European style, elegant and atmospheric. Exquisite and elegant hotel rooms are equipped with soft and comfortable mattresses and cotton bedding and high quality home and bathroom collections. Each room is equipped with a capsule coffee machine, Wi-Fi, central air conditioning, remote control TV and other modern comforts. The overall feeling of the room is quite satisfactory, there is not much room for color. But my favorite thing is to wash the bathroom, the shower has a large shower and there are multiple nozzles on the wall. For the first time, I think the shower can be enjoyed as well. The bathroom is made from New York's fragrance brand La Labo's most popular rose No. 31. Children will also provide children's toiletries, children's bathrobes and slippers, etc., and will also fold the bath towels into a cute shape. The hotel will do a good job of catching the children's delicate emotions and childlike hearts. Create a happy space to make your stay more comfortable and more comfortable. As the number one holiday parent-child hotel in Kunshan, there is an indoor and outdoor children's playground, slides and sand pits for children to play, the focus is on daily cleaning by a special person, the environment is very clean. The surrounding environment is also very quiet and comfortable. Go north along the hotel and enter the Xiluyuan Wetland Park. As one of the eight cycling routes in Kunshan, Xilu Garden has many small islands. Each small island has its own unique scenery and is connected to each other through the pedestrian path. The island and the island are each other, and the green trees surround the island. The water reflects the spring scenery, and the big scene echoes the small scenery. It is called the most beautiful riding shoreline of Yangcheng Lake.
Nancy. Tao
쿤산,추천 트립 모먼트
The most fortunate thing about Jinxi Ancient Town Tour is to find such a quaint and charming homestay. It has a nice name "Mule Deer", surrounded by small bridges, ten theme suites, all scattered in the independent courtyard of the ancient town, each full of artistic conception, or Zen, or classical, or full of vitality. There are also many attractions such as museums, ancient lotus ponds and temples. Our theme is called View, probably because this cottage has a beautiful view And got its name. After a small bridge, you will see a hexagonal bamboo door, and there is an illusion of crossing back to ancient times. The large living room on the first floor, the long wooden table with tea ceremony, calligraphy and a separate courtyard. You can sit in a rocking chair and watch HD projections, listen to music, and even have a very old piano, ubiquitous antique design. The second floor structure is more layered, tatami, guzheng, skylight transparent skylight, and outdoor bamboo glass terrace, very suitable for photography. The complex structure of the single-family house, with reasonable layout of indoor and outdoor space, perfectly combines the antique Chinese style with modern design. [Bathroom facilities] Bathroom facilities are all available, with a heater installed on the top, the wind is chilling in the fall, and you don't have to worry about taking a shower. In addition to basic towels, slippers, hair dryers, and toiletries, there is also a shower gel for top-class hotels. The fully automatic foam wash phone is especially fun!
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