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트립 모먼트

쿤밍,추천 트립 모먼트
추이후 공원(취호 공원)
Traveling to Kunming, the most important thing to miss is the Green Lake Park in downtown Kunming, especially in winter.
Every winter, thousands of red-billed gulls flying in the north winter in Cuihu, playful water, compete for food, and add an infinite taste to Cuihu. This is because the four seasons in Kunming are warm and springy, suitable for seagulls to spend the winter. In addition, the Kunming people regard the gull as a friend and protect the seagulls. The Kunming municipal government also stipulates that it is not allowed to catch seagulls, and that the firecrackers are not allowed to scare the seagulls. In this way, the red-billed gull and the Kunming people have formed a "friend" feeling. Every year in November, they fly to Kunming for winter. In the second year of March-April, they left Kunming to fly to Northeast China and Siberia.
Cuihu Park Two long willows are in the heart of the garden, and the whole lake is divided into four. The north-south dyke is called , and it was built by the Governor of Yunnan Province in the Daoguang Period, the imitation of the West Lake Su Di, and the east-west levee called Tangdi, which was built during the Republic of China. At the junction of the two embankments, it is the small island of the lake, with the heart of the lake as the main axis, forming a central tourist area. The lake heart pavilion is also called Bixi Pavilion. The pavilion has a beautiful appearance, flying yellow tiles and embellished with the spring colors of Green Lake.
Traffic: To visit Cuihu, take the No. 1 bus and get off at Yunnan University Station, or take bus 101 to get off at Cuihu. You can also take bus No.5, No.23 and No.4 at Xiaoximen. Get off at the station and walk.
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