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트립 모먼트

쿤밍,추천 트립 모먼트
둥촨 홍토지
Only the Brazilian red land can compete with it in the whole world. The iron in the soil has gradually precipitated in the thousands of years. The local people have intensively cultivated this land and formed a unique and splendid land. This is known as God. The color palette in the hand is the Yunnan Dongchuan Red Land, which is known as the kaleidoscope of Sichuan and Chongqing.
Dongchuan Red Land is located in the east of Kunming, and belongs to Xintian Township in the Dongchuan District of Kunming. It is about 250 kilometers from Kunming to the scenic spot. The main attractions are located between 1800 meters and 2600 meters above sea level. The landscape mainly includes colorful slopes, Jinxiu Park, Luoxiagou, Luojiwan, Lepu concave...
The sun rises from the mountain to the east of Luoxiagou, suitable for sunrise and sunset, each season will have different scenery. ......
The millennium old dragon tree quietly waits for this piece of hot land, its roots have been deeply plunged into the red land...
Lepu concave is a place to sing, land Shown in the form of terraces, the locals ploughed in the fields, and the birds sang in the blue sky.
Jinxiu Garden, the mountains are enchanted, and the yellow wheat and green barley add a lot of color to this land.
I have seen many of the net red grandfathers in many Raiders on the Internet. There are many tourists who come here to take pictures. He has also become a full-time model. One person and one dog are very harmonious in this land. I also inevitably fall into the stereotype and the net red grandfather together, the photo will be based on your own expenses, do not force you to give more specific, have the intention to become
쿤밍,추천 트립 모먼트
Yunnan Yunxiu Garden
This is the core attraction of Dongchuan Red Land. It is also the largest and most imposing place in the area. It has a large parking lot and the only toilet in the entire red land. It is only a few kilometers away from Huashi Village, and it is located on the top of a hillside with excellent views, which is very suitable for taking pictures. The mountains in the distance make it look more spectacular. Although it is only a concave land, every landscape can be the protagonist. No one can take away the limelight and bloom in this red land.
I arrived here around 4 o'clock, the shooting effect was completely beyond my expectation, the color of the whole land was patchy, and the distribution of the land was full. The curved terraces are different every turn, such as the brocade is silky and beautiful, adding a sentiment to the Fairview Park, and the little grass like the spotted sika deer makes it lively. What surprised me even more is that due to the terrain, the weather is uncertain. From time to time, there will be large clouds gathering together, and the Jinxiu Garden will perform a dance under the chorus. The reflection of the clouds keeps gliding over the red clay, and the change is fast, making the beauty of the Fairview Park every minute different and colorful. You will feel the beautiful mountains and rivers of this country will step on your feet, the feeling that only those who have been to can experience one or two.
tips: The Splendid Garden is located in the center of Dongchuan Red Land, and there is a huge stone monument engraved with three large characters of Jinxiu Garden. The front is a very open flat, which is very recognizable. Compared to other attractions in Dongchuan, it is a very good one.
쿤밍,추천 트립 모먼트
Kunming Travel Guide Couples Parents Parents are suitable for the route
colorful Yunnan Happy World
Colorful Yunnan Happy World is the most embarrassing attraction of this trip. The whole happy world consists of seven parts: the children's dream world, the four seasons flower sea, the magical and singular field, the squadron camp, the Vientiane tribe, and the frosty winter coldland. There are also indoor ethnic song and dance theaters, outdoor special effects theaters, float parades and other exquisite performances to enrich your day.

Crowne Plaza Hotel
The hotel's rooms are equipped with soft pillows and hard pillows to meet the needs of different people. Pure cotton bedding is clean and comfortable. The bathroom is dry and wet, and the disposable toiletries are fully equipped. The bathroom door can be moved, there is a large round bathtub, and it is a good choice to take a shower back to the hotel one day. The room is equipped with an open-air balcony. The whole floor-to-ceiling glass door greatly increases the indoor lighting. The natural light source replaces the artificial light source to play the role of environmental protection, low carbon and energy saving. At the same time, the natural light source can make people feel warm.

Colorful YunnanHappy World is 40 kilometers away from the city and can be reached by public transport or by car.
Route 1:
Kunming main city - Guangfu Road - Huanhu East Road - Huanhu South Road - "Colorful Yunnan "
Route 3: / Hh/Kunming main city - Guangfu Road - South Ring City - Kunyu Expressway (Dayuxia Expressway) - Gutun Road - Huanhu South Road
Wetland Park
in ancient Wetlands can also see the ancient landmark "landmark" Ferris wheel. There are many reeds in the ancient wetland, which is a good place to take pictures. I have to say that the weather in Kunming, in the ancient wetland tour, the warm sunshine of the sun, with the surrounding green plants, the flowing water, let people forget that it is now in the winter.

Take a boat ride in Dianchi, and the group of seagulls stop at the top of the boat, grab a handful of food and throw it to the sky to see the seagulls flying up to compete Fighting, the seagulls are still very timid and will not easily approach people, so everyone must not hurt them.

Choose this because there is an oversized hot spring pool that can be used to give your girlfriend a full photo of the net red. Another reason is that there are 80 small and small pools, big and small, so there is no need to worry about crowding together like dumplings, which greatly increases privacy.

Photo angle recommendation:
On the left side of the infinity pool is the ancient palace, and on the other side is the colorful Yunnan joy world, the Ferris wheel as the background. The entire infinity pool has an open view. In the case of a portrait lens, it is recommended that the character stand in the middle of the infinity hot spring to ensure the size and detail of the portrait. It is recommended to use a telephoto lens when there is no hot spring, and there is still a little distance from the shore to the hot spring.
The sun will be hot during the day, but the light will be sufficient, and the portrait will look good. When the sun sets, the light will reflect in the water, and different effects can be taken at different times.
It is recommended to bring a swimsuit with a light color and a solid color. The filming effect will be very good.
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