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Renji is the famous hot spring town of Kyushu, which is quieter than other places. Whether you are alone in the drizzle, or in the hot springs, looking up at the stars, you are completely relaxed and empty in the silence. The train stopped at Renji, and few people in the car came down. After a few seconds, they disappeared. Renji Station, like this small town, feels the same: simple, elegant. The ball mill river passes through the small town, the grass grows long and the egret flies. The city of Renji seems to be too quiet, and there is no one in the ancient city site except me. Everything in the original has already become a fragment. Only the blessings that sway in the wind, the red leaves left in the autumn, the stones with moss, tell me the story once here. It is beautiful to stand on the wall and overlook the people. There is no small city full of bustling crowds, you can quietly experience the beauty of elegance.
작성일: 2018년 12월 22일
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