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Kumamoto Castle has been built for 400 years. At the foot of Kumamoto Castle, it is a 10-minute walk from the bus terminal. There is a Sakura Horse Race Garden City Garden. The purpose of the construction is to let more people fully experience Kumamoto's unique history and culture. night visit, the paper lanterns in the night are leading us. Sakura's Racecourse City Choi Court is divided into two parts: the Yongcang Block and the Sakura Trail. is a historical and cultural experience facility, and the first floor is an exhibition hall of ancient and modern history. Through real scene and digital reproduction, visitors can return to the era of Kumamoto Castle founder Kato Kiyoshi. The second floor is the performance hall, with regular performances of historical dramas. The Sakura Trail recreates the streetscape of the Edo period and brings together 23 local dishes from Kumamoto Prefecture. You can enjoy the food in this nostalgic neighborhood, and many souvenir shops can be brought back. Hand letter. There are not many Chinese tourists in Kyushu Island, and they have not been occupied by shopping groups. This is my favorite point. For example, this city color garden, the tour group to Kyushu Island should come here, I thought that there will be a lot of people here, I don't think it is very cold, so people feel too lonely and deserted.
작성일: 2018년 12월 20일
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